The Warm Weather and Hot Hormones of Summer

After what seems like six months of winter weather, spring (or arguably summer) has finally swung into full effect. I for one can’t be more excited by the final turn in weather.  Yes it’s hot.  Yes the pollen in the air is causing allergies to flare up.  And yes, folks like me are back outside mowing grass and trimming hedges. However, I for one couldn’t be happier about it.

Traditionally speaking, I’ve noticed when temperatures rise, so do individuals’ sexual appetites. Right about now in the midst of this nice weather, folks are feeling their desires for flesh reach a boiling point.  They’re eyeing the glistening muscles peaking from under the short sleeved shirts, the booties barely contained in tight pant, the prints in the basketball shorts, and fresh lineups, and a silent voice inside of them screams “I got to have me some of that.”   Raging hormones have these people on the hunt for “Zaddy” and not necessarily bae. While I’m not saying this is an issue, I do want to utter some words of caution.


Cuffing Season and the “Trap of the Ex”

Given that Cuffing Season has again swung into full effect, I feel obligated to issue a public warning.  I feel compelled to cautioned readers against falling into the “Trap of the Ex.”  Usually during Cuffing Season, exes have a way of popping up out of the blue like clockwork.  It’s as if a sensor goes off alerting them that it’s that special time of year and their former bae is single.  Heck, if I’m honest, the ex may not know or care if the former bae is single, and still feel compelled to reach out in some way.  If none of this sounds familiar to you yet, allow me to make it a little more personal for you.

The Lifestyle

7 Events for the Black Gay Man’s Summer Calendar

  1. Philly Black Gay Pride (April 27-April 30)

While Philly has never been my favorite city (no offense to the folks from there), this has always been a great kickoff to pride events on the East coast. Given that the event coincides with the track and field Penn Relays, the city is full of people. Not to mention, the city is in driving distance for many people in the Northeast.




Top 5 Things to Avoid in Romance When Temperatures Rise

As days begin to get longer, birds begin to migrate back north, and flowers begin to bloom, I’m reminded what an amazing time of year this is.  The spring and summer seasons are my favorite, especially the summer.  However, I’ve always noticed that when it gets warmer outside, human behavior turns even more peculiar.  When I was back in school, an abundant number of fights would break out.  Since I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed friends make some bad judgment calls in the spring and summer.  Heck, I’ve made my share of awful decisions between mid-March and mid-September.  And without fail, when it gets warmer outside, people always make bad choices when it comes to matters of the heart, or should I say loins.  The hot weather creates “hot boxes”, which in turn creates many hot messes.  Hopefully after reading my list here, you’ll be encouraged to check your hormones to prevent you from making hot messy situations in the area of romance.

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What’s Your Song of the “Summertime”?

Hey folks!  As the official start of summer approaches, and my excitement about that grows, I’ve been in search of a summer song.  Every year I have that one song that puts me in such a great mood and gives such positive vibes, that I can’t help but to smile and rock out.  When I hear it, my head will get to bopping, shoulders to bouncing, hips to shaking, and the occasional stank face will appear.  For example, I remember my very first summer song was “So What” by Field Mob featuring Ciara.  How many of you all remember that?  That song cranked to me. Heck I remember watching the video on 106 & Park.