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5 Tips to Save You Money, Time, and Aggravation During Pride Weekend

While I know Pride Season has already technically begun, I usually don’t think it starts until DC Black Pride Weekend. Granted I might have a bias for the weekend because I’m all too familiar with the area and typical events. But, this particular pride occasion also coincides with usually warm weather and Memorial Day Weekend, so it brings all sorts of people from the LGBT spectrum out. If you’ve never been, allow me to tell you that the few days can be quite eventful.

However, the weekend can be the wrong kind of eventful under the wrong circumstances. As with all things, this particular weekend has its share of horror stories. You can probably find past participants that will claim to have been in a fight, hooked up with the wrong guy, got too drunk, lost a wallet, lost a man, and as well as been a part of a plethora of other issues.

And having myself fallen into one of the above categories, I’ve decided to give some words of advice to encourage any of you attending DC Black Pride (and really any pride this summer) to be better. Keep reading as I go over five tips to help you save money, time, and aggravation as you go out and celebrate you for being you.


I Suggested the Open Relationship, and He Got a Woman Pregnant


I need some advice about a weird and frustrating problem I’m dealing with. Basically me and my boyfriend are in an open relationship while my job has me on the other side of the country for nine months.  My boyfriend is legit bisexual, and I know sometimes he may crave something I don’t have. So while we’re in the open relationship, I told him it was okay if he hooked up with women. Also, even though we agreed I could top men only, I haven’t done it. I couldn’t bring myself to sleep with anyone. Well now this whole open relationship idea, which was kind of my suggestion, bit me in the ass.

Last week I found out from my boyfriend that a woman he slept with is pregnant. I’m still shook by the news. I’m mad he knocked a woman and I’m mad he was out here not being careful. My boyfriend apologized and told me he doesn’t want to be with anyone but me. He pretty much begged me not leave him. I’m just not sure I can do this situation. I love him and thought about us having kids one day, but not like this.

What would you do if you were me?

-Is This Endgame


Top 5 Things to Avoid in Romance When Temperatures Rise

As days begin to get longer, birds begin to migrate back north, and flowers begin to bloom, I’m reminded what an amazing time of year this is.  The spring and summer seasons are my favorite, especially the summer.  However, I’ve always noticed that when it gets warmer outside, human behavior turns even more peculiar.  When I was back in school, an abundant number of fights would break out.  Since I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed friends make some bad judgment calls in the spring and summer.  Heck, I’ve made my share of awful decisions between mid-March and mid-September.  And without fail, when it gets warmer outside, people always make bad choices when it comes to matters of the heart, or should I say loins.  The hot weather creates “hot boxes”, which in turn creates many hot messes.  Hopefully after reading my list here, you’ll be encouraged to check your hormones to prevent you from making hot messy situations in the area of romance.


Started as a Hookup, But I Caught Feelings


I recently made the mistake of catching feelings for this guy I hooked up with.  About four weeks ago, I started messaging this guy on Jack’d and we met up with the intention to hookup only.  Let me tell you, after round one I was extremely satisfied. When round two finished, I was in awe.  Needless to say, he was definitely feeling the sex too. Well since that first night, we have been staying in contact pretty regularly, and hook up at least twice a week, if not more.  Having gotten to know him a little, I find myself falling for him.  The thing is, he has made it clear on his Jack’d profile that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship.  Heck, he’s even told me he loves being single.  I guess what I’m asking here, is what do I do here?

Thanks in advance bro, and love the site btw.

Restless in Philly


When Talking Dirty Becomes too Much!

Dear T,

This may sound weird, but I’m going to ask for your advice anyway.  I’ve grown to really hate how this guy I’m seeing talks to me in the bedroom. When we are in the midst of having sex, he starts becoming super aggressive and saying things like “shut up and give daddy want he wants,” and “that’s right you’re my b**ch.” The thing is, this guy is super sweet and kind when we are doing everything else besides having sex.  And he is far from abusive.  So I don’t get why he changes up like this.  What are your thoughts?


Not Amused


When to Give Up the Cookie

Dear According to T,

I’ve been getting to know this guy for two weeks and it has been absolutely amazing. However we haven’t had sex yet. A close friend of mine keeps telling me that I’m making a mistake by not having sex with him as we are two weeks into getting to know each other. I feel completely opposite. While I enjoy sex and want it frequently, I would rather take my time this go round and build a foundation especially if I can see a possible long term relationship with this guy. Am I wrong for not being pressed to give up the kitty right away? Is there a rule of thumb when someone should have sex when entering into a new found situation?


Horny but not pressed


That First Time!!!

Hi T,

I heard about your blog from Instagram, and decided to hit you up since you keep things anonymous and all.  I’m not really out the closet or whatever yet, and don’t have friends I can ask about this whole gay lifestyle, so I’m coming to you.  Here’s the thing.  I’ve never had sex with a man.  I’ve always wanted to, but never did because I knew what that would mean.  But now since I have started to accept that I like men, I think I’m ready.  I started messaging back and forth with this guy I met on one of these apps, and we’ve been talking about meeting up.  Crazy thing is, I’m really nervous.  I probably shouldn’t be because I’ve had sex with girls, but I am.  So do you have any advice for a virgin gay?  I mean what was your first time like?


Gay Cherry Poppin