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Resisting Trump is a Very American Thing to Do

Hello folks!  As tensions continue to build between Trump and pretty much the rest of the country outside the confines of Capitol Hill, there has been a sentiment among some notable figures in America that people should get in line and support 45 in his presidency. That the American people should overlook his unapologetic insults toward nearly every demographic in the U.S.  And in case you’ve forgotten, allow me to remind you.

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About Him is a Must Watch


So while I’ve never written about a web series before, I felt compelled to write about the new smash hit About Him.  Without hesitation or pause, I can genuinely say that this Signal 23 TV show represents some of the best original programming online.  Having only watched two episodes so far, I’ve been thoroughly impressed and entertained.

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Dear Straight People: Five Misconceptions about Gay Men

  1. The Term “The Gays” Is Not Offensive

I don’t care what The Real Housewives of Wherever may show on TV, saying “the gays” is extremely offensive.  Every time I hear something like “the gays know how to throw a good party,” or “the gays always keep me fabulous,” or “I love the gays,” I cringe.  It’s almost like someone saying “the Blacks,” or “the Jews,” or “the Latinos.”  Listen, the SGL (same gender loving) community is as diverse as any other community.  We don’t all like the same things.  While it is understandable some individuals may have limited their perception of gay men to those that run in their inner circle, these individuals are not justified in making sweeping generalizations about this population group, or referring to its members as if they were pandas in the local zoo.