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Looking for Hope in the Election Results

Dear America,

I wanted to write this letter post-election not to necessarily express my discontent, but to express my hope.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m truly disappointed by the results of yesterday’s election. It has been no secret that I was pulling for the former secretary of state.  Although my enthusiasm for her dipped substantially over the course of the election, I always knew in my heart of hearts that she was the better candidate between her and Trump.  Heck, I thought, and continue to think, that Trump embodies the dangers of white privilege and money, and is a champion of xenophobia, racism, and sexism.  But regardless of my feelings of the now president-elect, he will be taking the oval office in just a few months.

As I’ve said, I’m not really writing this to express my discontent, so let’s get to why I’m hopeful.  If you recall, at the start of the century, George W. Bush was elected to the highest office in the land.  You can argue until you’re blue in the face about the legitimacy of that election process, but it won’t change history.  People thought his election was the worst thing that’s happened to this country.  That was until he was reelected in 2004.  Eight years of bad foreign policy, economic plans, and overall decision making, left this country in a pretty low place. However, it also left this country and it’s voters in a position to receive change.  Big change.

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Top 5 Excuses I’m Tired of Hearing for Why People Won’t Vote

  1. I Don’t Have Time to Stand in Line

This excuse may be a valid one, if so many people weren’t willing to stand in line and wait for other things.  We all know a friend or family member that has woken up at the crack of dawn to stand in line at Best Buy or Walmart on Black Friday.  Heck, you yourself may have rolled out of bed to stand in line for two hours to wait to get a TV or two.  Or maybe you’ve been one of those people to wait in line to get the latest iPhone or pair of Jordans.

The point here is this.  People are eager to wait in line for small picture material items, but are reluctant to wait in line to vote.  That sounds crazy.  Taxes are always on the ballot.  If you want more money to spend on phones and shoes, try voting. In fact, if it will get you to the poll faster, think of voting as an opportunity to possibly earn you some extra spending money.   Everyone could use some extra coin.  And if you still can’t wrap your mind around waiting in line to vote, then GO vote early if your state allows it.

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This Election Reminds Me of…

In one of those moments when I let my mind wander, I started thinking about this year’s election.  And I wasn’t thinking about who offers the better healthcare plan, or whose economic policy will better benefit America’s future.  I was thinking about what this election year reminds me of in terms of TV and film.  And here is the list I came up with.

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Race to Blame for the State of American Politics

Despite record breaking turnout in some states’ primaries or caucuses, I for one find myself increasingly underwhelmed by this 2016 presidential race.  I’m sick of the media talking about Hillary’s emails, I’m tired of the back and forth pettiness between candidates, and I’m beyond over the ignorant and clownish phenomenon that is Donald Trump.  To be honest, American politics is slowly becoming a sick joke that I can’t believe is our reality.  And I’m left to wonder, where did it all go wrong?

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This Can’t Be American Politics

Up until now, I’ve been relatively quiet about the present and future political landscape of this country.  And that’s not because I haven’t had my share of opinions.  Trust me, I’ve had plenty to say.  But now with the 2016 presidential primaries inching closer, and certain politicians and pundits shoving their feet further into their mouths, I decided to get somethings off my chest.  So here it goes.

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Top Takeaways from the First Democratic Presidential Debate

  1. Lincoln Chafee Failed in a Big Way

Where to begin with this former senator and governor?  Last night was simply not his night.  I’m not sure if his nerves got the best of him, or he simply wasn’t prepared to engage in a debate.  But whatever it was, he will need Olivia Pope herself to save his campaign run.  When asked about his vote as a senator to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act, he basically said “I had just arrived in the Senate.”  As a viewer and voter, I instantly knew his candidacy has a fast approaching expiration date.  And I completely understand him being new in the senate, and the fact his dad had recently passed at the time of the vote.  However, no voter wants to be offered excuses by a presidential hopeful.  No matter how valid the excuses may be.

Oh and by the way, Chafee fell victim to Hillary Clinton’s most celebrated one-liner of the night!  A simple “NO”!

  1. Jim Webb Is the Odd Man Out

I don’t think anyone would be surprised if Jim Webb dropped out of this presidential race after last night.  When he wasn’t being forgotten about in the deep corner of the stage, he was offering the American public gripes about Anderson Cooper’s skill as moderator and awkward responses to debate questions.  More than a few times, his answers made me cringe.  I mean it got so bad, that I actually had to wonder why he considers himself to be a democrat.  Plus, his response to the question about the Black Lives Matter movement was laughable.  While I’m sure the black community is appreciative of his support of a black hero in way of a memorial/monument, that’s not exactly helping the community in the continued fight for equality and justice.

  1. Martin O’Malley is Really Campaigning for a V.P. Spot on Someone’s Ticket

In many ways the former Maryland governor echoed Bernie or Hillary.  Other than perhaps his stance on immigration reform, he didn’t really state anything that makes me as a voter give him a second look over the party’s two front runners.  I ultimately came to the conclusion last night that he is really in this race running for vice president.  His debate answers and at times soft attacks on Sanders and Clinton, made this “VP” theory quite clear.

  1. Everybody Loves Bernie, BUT Are His Plans Realistic

While many of us watched republicans attempt to sink Clinton’s campaign, we also saw Bernie Sanders emerge as a real democratic contender for president.  I have to admit, while Clinton has struggled over the past few month, Sanders has managed to capture my attention.  His ideas about free tuition, student loan reform, and attacking Wall Street really almost made me a full Bernie supporter and one day voter.

Now as amazing as Sanders was last night, and he was really pretty spectacular, he failed to convince me that his policy proposals are actually possible.  When he attempted to explain how he planned to expand things like social security or fund a free tuition program in this country, he claimed to want to institute a higher tax on Wall Street and the wealthiest 1%.  The problem I have with that, is that tax reform is extremely difficult to get passed in Congress, especially when both the House and Senate are overrun by a disjointed Republican Party.  So taking away his unlikely tax hikes, where does that leave his platform in the realm of probability?

In addition, last night’s debate shed light on the fact that the gridlock we see in Washington under President Obama, is nothing compared to what it will be under a Sander’s administration.  While I admire his “shake up D.C.” attitude, I’m not sure his revolutionary spirit will be beneficial to bipartisan compromise.  And I for one am sick of the looming threat of government shutdowns.

  1. Hillary Is Finally Back

As a longtime supporter of the former secretary of state and her husband, I like many was excited when she officially announced her 2016 candidacy for president.  I was thrilled to see her again vie to become the first woman leader of this country, and perhaps even more thrilled to see a solid democrat contender possibly follow President Obama in the White House.  However, since announcing she was running for office, she and her campaign fell kind of flat.

Prior to last night’s debate, I honestly felt Mrs. Clinton was resting on her 2008 bid for president.  Almost as if she felt she didn’t have to work hard for votes this go around.  And then came along this asinine probe into her very legal, but possibly compromising email account.  For months now, a largely led republican witch hunt has attempted to nail her for this account in the press.  It got to the point I could barely discern her 2016 platform amongst the republican noise, and was slightly confused on where she stood on key issues.  Unfortunately for this former New York senator, all of this was working against her in terms of my support.

But last night, the one and only Hillary Clinton hit restart on her 2016 campaign and made it clear she is a formidable opponent.  Her debate preparation was impeccable.  She was clear on her perspective, didn’t allow her opponents to knock her off her game, and redirected negative comments or questions back to the narrative of her solid political platform and experience.  I’d be completely surprised if Clinton doesn’t see a bump in her poll numbers as last night’s debate winner.  Kudos to her!

Oh and check out some highlights from last night.