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I Told My Friend I Don’t Like Him Like that and He Ghosted Me

Dear T,

I’m in a sticky situation with my friend of over 6 years. I thought we were real cool. We went out to happy hours, house kickbacks, and even church. He’s met some of my family, and I’ve been to his family’s home for cookouts. I broke up with my ex a month ago, and two weeks ago my friend tells me that he has feelings for me. He wants us to be in a relationship. I wasn’t expecting that at all. Especially because I don’t like him in that way.

When I told him that I just want us to stay friends, he didn’t take the news well and ghosted me. He won’t answer my calls or texts, and he’s blocked me on all social media. I want my friend back. It’s like I’m being punished for my feelings. What do I do?

-I Don’t Want Him


The Guy Ghosted Me and Now He’s Back… What Should I Do?

Dear T,

I’m trying to figure out something, and hopefully you can help me. So about a year ago, I was talking to this guy.  We met online, went on a few dates, but never had sex.   Although we never had sex, I just thought we had an amazing connection.  Like we legit would text throughout the day, and stay on the phone late at night.  Then one day after about a month and some change of talking, we had a small argument.  Like so small I didn’t even think it was that serious.  After that, he went ghost.  I didn’t hear from him.  He didn’t reply to my texts, answer my phone calls, and stopped liking my posts on Instagram. Well three days ago I ran into him at a bar, and he seemed super eager to see me.  The crazy part is, he asked me where I had been and what happened to me. I couldn’t believe it. Usually I would have paid him dust, but I instantly felt that connection with him when I saw him again.  Since meeting up, we got back to texting and everything.

What I need from you is help sorting out why he just disappeared and came back like nothing happened. Also, do you think it’s a good idea to even entertain this guy again?


Mr. Trying Not to Be Foolish