Majoring in Me: Acceptance

Left with the choice between your happiness and your image, what would you choose?

That’s a question Tristan Steele has to answer. When the eighteen year old college freshman steps on campus for the first time, he is determined to stay committed to his conservative roots. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for him, he crosses path with the outgoing and charismatic Kendrick. Kendrick is unapologetic in the way he lives his life and is confident in who he is. Inspired by his new friend, Tristan goes on a journey of self-exploration. And for the first time in Tristan’s life, he finds himself looking at his unmasked yet troubling reflection.

Realizing that at his core he likes men, he frantically tries to change the path of his destiny. He knows black gay men aren’t exactly the most accepted demographic. The thoughts of standing in his truth and the repercussions that would have on his relationships with his traditional family and heterosexual friends, is almost too much for him to bear. Plus, there is the fact Tristan joined a fraternity with more than a few close-minded brothers. With the looming possibility of coming eye to eye with the unveiled face of rejection, hatred, and ignorance, what life will Tristan choose to live?

Majoring in Me: Acceptance is available in print on Amazon, and as an eBook via Kindle and Nook. Signed copies are available at no extra charge upon request.