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Majoring in Her Is Now Streaming

Majoring in Her

Hello folks.

If you haven’t heard yet, I officially launched my second podcast Majoring in Her. It’s a spinoff series from the original Majoring in Me, and focuses on the beloved character Denise as she tries to balance college with her new boo. And that balancing act is nothing short of difficult, and yet, it’s awkwardly funny.

Speaking of funny, listeners of my first show shouldn’t expect my new series to be as heavy on the dramatics. After all, I’ve listed Majoring in Her as a fiction comedy. This new endeavor of mine comedically explores some of the issues all of us have probably encountered trying to be in love and yet pursue success on a professional level. And what makes this even more special, is this exploration occurs through the eyes of a 20-year-old Black woman in undergrad. Oh, and in the year 2007.

Now let me just say, some listeners of the Denise-led series have already taken the time to let me know the show reminds them of Insecure and Awkward Black Girl. Which are huge compliments that I humbly receive. Issa Rae is definitely someone I look up to and admire. But while my show has drawn the comparisons, I’m proud to say that I’ve also been told the series reflects my own unique writing style.

So make sure you check out Majoring in Her. It’s now streaming on all major podcast platforms.

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