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Majoring in Me the Podcast: Season Three Premieres This October

Majoring in Me Season Three

It’s time. After months of writing, recording, and producing, I’m happy to finally bring you all Season Three of Majoring in Me the Podcast, premiering October 25, 2021. These upcoming eight episodes were fun and interesting to write as I was focused on taking the story forward, and yet, I wanted to revisit some dynamics from the first season. The end result is a product you all will hopefully be excited to hear as listeners. Now with an official start date to the season announced, I decided to answer a few of the questions I’ve received about the show.

What’s this season about?

Like I said, I focused on revisiting some dynamics that were at play when Tristan was first introduced. A big plot point from Season One was Tristan’s outsider status with the paternal side of his family. Since then, Tristan has met a few more Garrison relatives. So, I thought it was time to explore whether or not Tristan is still stuck in the role of being the “black sheep” of his bloodline. Naturally, that means folks should expect more family scenes. As a spoiler, you all will be happy to know that both Regina and Uncle Hemp make a return to the show.

Additionally, in these upcoming episodes, fans will get to hear Tristan trying to navigate pledging a fraternity. For those that have checked out Majoring in Me: Acceptance, the book on which this audio drama is based, you know that fraternity life was a big focus of the novel’s story. And I finally introduce that dynamic into the podcast in a real way.

Oh, and for those looking for Tristan to be in a relationship this season, sorry to disappoint you. Tristan will be living the single life. Well, as best as he can trying to become a Black Greek.


Will the lives of other characters be explored?

Well, given the show is driven by Tristan’s perspective, doing deep dives into other characters isn’t always the highest of priorities. However, through conversations and interactions with Tristan this season, listeners will get to find out some more about Denise, Alana, and even Kendrick to name a few.


What’s the biggest surprise of the season?

I may not be a fan of receiving surprises, but I do like giving them, so I won’t share the biggest jaw-dropping moments. But, I will say that there’s a LOT of things at play in the finale, and one character in particular snatches the spotlight from Tristan.


Now with that being the last question that I’m answering, be sure you’ve liked, shared, and subscribed to Majoring in Me and checked out the new trailer. And stay tuned for the Season Three premiere on October 25th.



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