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Do You Want a Season Three of Majoring in Me the Podcast?

Season 2 Majoring in Me the Podcast

Well folks, we are down to one last episode for the season. I just wanted to thank each of you for joining me on this ride. I wasn’t sure how season two would be perceived, but I’m so thankful that a number of you have told me you’ve really enjoyed it. It makes me feel good as a writer and creator.

Now before I drop the season finale episode, I have another request to ask of you. As I entertain the idea of going forward with another season of Majoring in Me, I’m asking if that’s something you want to happen that you rate and review the show on the platform where you listen to podcasts.  More importantly, I’m calling on you all to donate via Paypal. I have a vision for where I’d like the show to go in a potential season three, and that will require me to put in more of a financial commitment. While I’m definitely willing to commit, I’m asking that you join me. But if leaving a review and five-star rating is all you can afford right now, I appreciate that.

As always thanks for the love,

Tavion Scott

By the way, the finale episode has one big surprise that Tristan will NOT be thrilled to witness.

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