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Majoring in Me the Podcast, Season 2: The Official Trailer

Season 2 Majoring in Me

Hey folks! We’re back for Season 2 of Majoring in Me the Podcast. Like last season, Tristan is still on his journey of adulting and self-discovery in college. However, the drama of this new season shocks even me, and I wrote it.

Before you check out the trailer, I have a few housekeeping notes. First, the year is now 2007, so Tristan is in the second semester of his freshman year. Second, the podcast is still loosely based on my book series Majoring in Me. However I have to admit, I’ve strayed even further from my book material, which has been exciting for me creatively.

Now with all that out the way, check out the official trailer for Majoring in Me the Podcast, Season 2.

Season 2 Majoring in Me

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