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The Season Finale of Majoring in Me the Podcast

the scripted series Majoring in Me the Podcast

We’ve made it folks. We’ve made it to the end of season one. This has been an incredible experience writing, recording, and producing each episode. To the voice actors that dedicated their time and talent, I appreciate you more than you know. To the incredible audio editor I worked with, let me just say, you were very helpful throughout this entire process. And to fans of the show, my gratitude for you runs deep.

As far as finale spoilers, I won’t share too many here. After all, I want you to go listen. However, I will share that the episode is entitled “Separation of Church and Gay?”. I also included a small snippet from the episode below.

Majoring in Me the Podcast Finale Preview

Again, thanks to everybody that showed me love on this project. And for those that haven’t gotten their copy of Majoring in Me: AcceptanceMajoring in Me: Acceptance, one of the books upon which the podcast is loosely based, go it. It’s available online.

Now go check out the episode already. And be sure to listen to the end for a special announcement.

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