Reclaiming from Him Your Most Valuable Possession

The most valuable thing you own has nothing to do with Gucci, Tesla, or Coldwell Banker. It’s not something you can necessarily buy, and it certainly can’t be shipped to you via Amazon Prime. Despite what ads may tell you, the most valuable thing a person can ever own is time.

And if you can agree that time is the most valuable thing you have, then take a moment and think about how you use it and protect it. Are you taking moments of the day to pursue your heart’s passions or dreams? Are you spending time with the loved ones that feed your soul? In terms of protection, are you allowing someone to steal the most valuable thing you possess?

Most of us would call whoever we needed to in order to catch the person that stole our car, home, iPhone, or social security number. Yet we’ll let someone steal our time, and watch them do it. (FYI, I’ve played the role of the victim in this scenario, and ashamedly the thief.)

While you may not be able to take people who rob you of your time to court, you definitely don’t have to sit around and continue to be victimized. You can choose right here and now (well after reading the rest of this post of course) to tell the guy you’re in a situationship with that you want more out of life. That you want the benefits of being in a relationship, because you’re actually in one. That your phone can also receive calls and texts before midnight. That you’re done settling for less when more is available for the taking.

Let me be clear, I’m not telling anyone to put their situationship on the fast track to a relationship. I’ve said on numerous occasions that people should take their time getting to know each other and evolving into a relationship. But if you’re in a situationship that looks and feels the same at day 150 as it did on day 10, there’s an issue.  If you were under the impression you two were dating to build to a relationship, then you two should know more about each other at day 150. Some of those walls Beyoncé said were crumbling down should actually be crumbling to an extent (“Halo” reference), and not stacked tall looking like The Great Wall of China.

So if you’re ready to reclaim your time, then do it. Have that conversation with Jim, James, Paul, or Tyrone and tell him what you want more out of life going forward. Should he be incapable of giving you that, or make a promise of giving you that with a supplemental plan, walk away. And walk away gracefully, because cussing and fighting is draining to the soul.

Wrapping this up, I want to make sure everyone that reads this knows I’m not judging anyone for wasting their time with a person. We’ve all been there. It’s a part of life. I simply want to give that person that needs a push a push.

Oh and this is not a man bashing post either. Men and women regardless of sexuality have wasted someone’s time knowingly or unknowingly. Again, it’s a part of life.

Until next time folks.

-Tavion Scott

(IG: accordingtot)

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