The Warm Weather and Hot Hormones of Summer

After what seems like six months of winter weather, spring (or arguably summer) has finally swung into full effect. I for one can’t be more excited by the final turn in weather.  Yes it’s hot.  Yes the pollen in the air is causing allergies to flare up.  And yes, folks like me are back outside mowing grass and trimming hedges. However, I for one couldn’t be happier about it.

Traditionally speaking, I’ve noticed when temperatures rise, so do individuals’ sexual appetites. Right about now in the midst of this nice weather, folks are feeling their desires for flesh reach a boiling point.  They’re eyeing the glistening muscles peaking from under the short sleeved shirts, the booties barely contained in tight pant, the prints in the basketball shorts, and fresh lineups, and a silent voice inside of them screams “I got to have me some of that.”   Raging hormones have these people on the hunt for “Zaddy” and not necessarily bae. While I’m not saying this is an issue, I do want to utter some words of caution.

Be Careful Trying to Lock Down a Boyfriend

If you’re out here right now looking for a boyfriend and not a hookup, don’t get caught in the “Lust Trap.”  The whole correlation I mentioned between warm weather and sexual appetites, wasn’t me saying there are a lot of people out here looking to be tied down at the moment.  On the contrary, you have a lot of people who are looking to hop on every fine piece of meat they see, or are chasing every big but with a smile.  Putting on my Issa Rae hat on for a minute, these folks are looking to build a strong roster for a good “hoetation.”  So be extra careful if you are a person looking for a relationship, because the “Single Waters” get harder to navigate this time of year.

Oh and before it’s said, let me clarify I’m not judging folks that want to live carefree this summer. I’m just trying to give an extra warning to those hopeless romantics. Trying to prevent these love seekers from falling for people that never intend on settling down.  Well at least settling down in this current climate.


There Are Rules to Thotting

Now for those that proudly plan to do their best thotting for the remainder of the spring and summer, I have a few words of advice for you as well. For starters, let’s talk about hygiene. Given the hotter temperatures outside, it’s normal for most people to sweat more.  Increased sweat usually leads to an increased likelihood that certain areas on the body develop a particular odor.   And despite some folks’ preference for the natural scents of the human flesh, hardly any one enjoys the smell of spoiled bologna, old hot dog water, and/or garbage. So be sure before you do the do, that you freshen up those pits, scrub that peen, and wash you’re a$$. Sometimes the dating scene is small (well is small in the LGBT community) and you don’t want to earn a bad reputation.

Also, if you are bopping around this spring and summer, don’t pretend to catch feelings when you find out someone you’re hooking up with is doing some hooking up of his own. Look, if you are going to vow to be uncommitted for a few months, then you can’t get jealous when a steady hookup has one or more other people satisfying his appetite. There are no expectations of commitment when two people are just having sex.  So if you’re a person that finds it difficult to have sex and not get attached, which is a lot of people, think twice before you play this game.

Lastly, I can’t stress enough the importance of people being careful. Please, please, please take the necessary safety precautions if you plan on regularly giving in to your hormones with strangers. Whether you wrap it up, pop some pills, or both, make sure you take steps to protect yourself.


As always nothing but love,

Tavion Scott

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