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Another Moment with Euphonious K.Z.G: Let’s Talk about Gratefulness

Hey ya’ll! It’s me again, Euphonious K.Z.G. (not Tavion Scott) and this is blog #2!!! I hope this post finds you all well and with a bit more light and love in your lives than my first post. I just want to take this post to talk about my gratitude on Gratefulness Day.

For starters, let me explain what Gratefulness Day is. I do not celebrate Thanksgiving for what the holiday is, and the atrocities/genocide against the indigenous people the founding of the holiday represents. Instead, I enjoy Gratefulness Day as a day to spend time with loved ones and to intensify my gratitude for the people, places, and things that I should be grateful for every day. I’m not talking superficial or materialistic things either.  I’m talking family, friends, nature, life, personal progression, etc. Therefore, I have resolved for the fourth Thursday in November to forever be Gratefulness Day.  Now that wasn’t exactly light, but it leads me to my point.

Have you ever just been in a space where everything seems to be going wrong, BUT you have found a sense of peace in the situation and a sense of gratitude for what you do have? That’s where I am now. I went from working 40 hours a week to my job cutting my hours almost in half, which took a toll on my finances. And in the midst of my money being a little funny, I had to find a place to live. Unfortunately, I’m located far away from all of my family, and my parents and siblings are not financially endowed or able to assist me really. So I had to scramble and find some place more affordable.  Thankfully I found a place that with some budgeting, I will be able to get by every month. The crazy part is, I could stress, cry, and breakdown being defeated by all this, but I have been so peaceful about it all.

I have really been changing the way I see life.  We spend so much of our time being sad and beat up by the 10% of our lives that we fail to view the 90% that is actually pretty alright. I’m about to move into my very own place for the first time in my life. It may not be fancy, fully furnished, and upscale but it’s mine.  I’m the first of my family to move out of state and be on their own. I’m the youngest child. I’m alive. I have a gift that I’ve been blessed with to cultivate and share. I’m an artist. I can afford to pay all my bills and feed myself. I have things to be appreciative for and celebrate. I have been speaking to God, the Universe, the Ancestors, and the Earth every day and they’ve been listening and replying.

I can’t help but feel like all of this is pushing me towards pursuing my dreams, getting me ready for something greater.  A change in my life and I’m excited! This altered work schedule has given me more time to spend with myself in reflection and focus on my craft.  To become intimate with myself.  And I’ve been happy. I say all of this to say, take some time out to think about the things you do have and your journey. Be ye grateful in all of it! Happiness is there.  Sometimes you just have to shift your focal point a bit. Peace, Light, and Love to you all.


-Euphonious K.Z.G.

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