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Belief and Faith. Two Things You Need to Pursue Your Dreams

In the today’s world, a value has been placed on everything.  Off the top of your head, I bet many of you could accurately estimate the price of a new iPhone, a pair of Jordan shoes, or a brand new sedan of your choosing.  For some time now, the world has elected to place a price on natural elements of the earth like water, gas, and even oxygen in some luxurious instances.  And of course money has value.  Why do you think so much attention is placed on the U.S. dollar and the Euro?  In spite of all the things society highly values, we somehow devalue two of the most important things a person can own. Belief and Faith.

People don’t believe like they used to anymore.  Folks don’t believe that they themselves hold the abilities and potential to defy the status quo.  To be greater than average.  They’ve bricked themselves into a little room without any windows, and prevented themselves from looking to the future beyond their present circumstances. Of course individuals have dreams and aspirations, but they don’t think they’ll ever achieve them. They practically have zero confidence in what they could become.

I’ve also noticed that people don’t have faith anymore either.  That Americans and global citizens in every country don’t have faith that should they step out into unknown territory to achieve their secret dreams and goals, they won’t fall on their face.  That they won’t fail in a major way that will bring about laughter and ridicule from family, friends, and haters.  Folks can’t muster up enough faith to think they will be rewarded for stepping outside of their comfort zone.

So without further ado, allow me to introduce you to my point.  Dare to believe. Dare to have faith. Dare to think that you can move beyond ordinary and live an optimal life.  A life that of course will still have its downs, failures, and upsets; but, every one of those downs, failures, and upsets pale in comparison to the rewards for taking steps to fulfill your destiny.

I’ve learned in the past few years, that pursuing my calling is an amazing thing. I enjoy waking up knowing I’m actively chasing something I think about several times a day.  Yeah I get frustrated by closed doors, the at times slow pace of things unfolding, and the missteps and misjudgments on my part.  However, I take all the bumps and bruises knowing I believe that I have abilities that will push me past average, and I have faith in God that I’ll be rewarded for my efforts if I trust Him. Yeah I get scared and freak out every now and then, but just because I have belief and faith, doesn’t mean I’m not human.  LOL!

If you’ve got a dream just sitting inside your brain, you may want to think about taking some action on it. Just a thought.

P.S. If you have aspirations of becoming an author, then pick up the pen and start writing. I’ll even help you.

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