Top 5 Things to Avoid in Romance When Temperatures Rise

As days begin to get longer, birds begin to migrate back north, and flowers begin to bloom, I’m reminded what an amazing time of year this is.  The spring and summer seasons are my favorite, especially the summer.  However, I’ve always noticed that when it gets warmer outside, human behavior turns even more peculiar.  When I was back in school, an abundant number of fights would break out.  Since I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed friends make some bad judgment calls in the spring and summer.  Heck, I’ve made my share of awful decisions between mid-March and mid-September.  And without fail, when it gets warmer outside, people always make bad choices when it comes to matters of the heart, or should I say loins.  The hot weather creates “hot boxes”, which in turn creates many hot messes.  Hopefully after reading my list here, you’ll be encouraged to check your hormones to prevent you from making hot messy situations in the area of romance.

  1. Being Reckless

If you are going to explore your heightened sexuality that the warmer months bring, for your own sake, use protection.  There are too many brands of condoms, and too innovative medications such as PrEP, for you not to take the adequate precautions in these streets. Yeah I know people will argue that sometimes things just happen.  That in the moment of passion and lust, parts just start “slipping” into holes.  However, if you can remember to fleet and freshen up your breath, you can remember to protect yourself.  As I always say, “if you’re expecting rain, make sure you put on a raincoat.”


  1. Spring Flings

  With the warmer weather, also comes more bodies.  More people tend to go out to happy hours, day parties, and clubs when they know they don’t have to face the blistering cold weather, harsh winds, and several inches of snow.  As a result, folks are more likely to meet possible dates outside the realms of dating apps.  In all the excitement, it becomes easy to think you’ll find quality men with the increased quantity of men that seem to be out in the                                                                                “wild.”

While your likelihood of finding a man may increase with warmer temperatures, that doesn’t mean you’ll find the “right” man to invest in a real relationship with.  If you find a person you like hanging around, but something inside you is yelling this someone is not the one to get serious with, then don’t.  Just spend time with him on occasion to get your feet wet in the dating game, but respect the fact he’s a spring fling. Nothing more and nothing less.  But be sure the guy has knowledge of your intentions so he’s not led on to believe something more is developing between the two of you.


  1. Seeking Out “Greener Grass”

       Now if you happen to be in a loving relationship at the moment, don’t let the rising temperatures and increased exposure to glistening skin, make you leave a good thing.  If you are currently in an amazing relationship with a great man, don’t toss your “Love on Top” situation out the window because the weather has got you searching for something new and different.  Searching for something new and different may lead you to become single and lonely.

Look, I’ve seen quite a few couples break up when it gets warmer because someone in the relationship lets his wandering eye get him into trouble.  And believe me, in many instances the grass is not greener on the other side for those that opt to leave their happy home.  So stay with your man.  Leave all the temptation that offers itself up in the good weather for the single people of the world to deal with.  (Now if you are stuck in a relationship out of convenience or there is some really foul things occurring, by all means ditch your mate and join the single folks playing the field.)


  1. Being Young but too Restless

     In other words, don’t use the warmer weather as an excuse to be the King or Queen of Thotland. I know the hotter temps bring about urges and desires that may have been hibernating over the course of winter (even as warm as this winter has been), but be careful how you focus those pulsating loins. Trolling Jack’d and other hookup sites, and busting it wide open for every man with muscles and a smile, while may seem tempting, could become a bit problematic down the road.

Before anyone thinks I’m shaming individuals for expressing themselves sexually, let me make it clear that I’m not. As long as two people are consenting adults, then they have the right to hit the sheets whenever and wherever.  However, I just want to remind people that life is a marathon and not a sprint. So there is absolutely nothing wrong with using some discretion when it comes to using your man or lady bits.


  1. Rekindling Old Relationships

        Everyone has that one ex, or maybe even two, that comes around like clockwork.  You know the type. That guy you don’t hear from for months at a time, and then out of the blue you get a text that reads “hey stranger”, or “what’s up”, or “was just thinking about you.”  That guy that seems like he has a sixth sense of when you’re horny and vulnerable. That guy who you know you shouldn’t be messing with, but somehow always do.  Oh yeah, you know the type.

Well try something different when he hits you up this spring and summer.  Politely tell that ex “thank, but no thank you.”  Save yourself the trouble.  I mean think about it.  This ex comes back into your life repeatedly, and then you two always fall out for some reason or another.  Try something different this go around and don’t entertain Jim, James, Paul, and Tyrone.  Break the cycle people.

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