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Why You Should Be Happy It’s Monday

Happy Monday everyone, and congrats on making it to another workweek.  I know as a society, we’ve often gotten accustomed to hating Mondays.  We often sigh and complain about Monday being the furthest day from the amazing thing we call the weekend.  It’s within our weekly routine to see this first day of the workweek as this unexciting, gloomy, and dreadful 24 hours that puts an abrupt halt to our two days of fun and rest.  For some, it has become a habit to think of this day as the bringer of new problems at work with the same people they’ve grown to dislike in the confines of their office or cubicle. I know all about the “Monday blues.”  But over the past few years, my outlook of America’s favorite day to hate has changed.

I may still have moments of looking at Monday as if it is a gag gift, but I’ve overall come to see Monday as a blessing and not a curse. What changed my perspective, is my pursuit of my dream.  I’m not sure if I’ve shared this with my site visitors before, but for the past two plus years, I’ve been trying to pursue my writing aspirations.  (If you haven’t checked out the first novel in my Majoring in Me series, Acceptance, then I encourage you to do so.)  My writing ambitions extend beyond writing novels.  Truth be told, I hope to use my creativity to eventually write my way into television.  I’d love to have my own company that cranks out television shows for a network similar to what the Queen of Television, Ms. Shonda Rhimes, has done for ABC.  Talk about a dream come true.

Tying my ambitions in with why I now love Mondays, is pretty simple.  Monday is the beginning of the workweek. Don’t scratch your head to hard LOL, just continue reading.  Although I often do some work on projects over the weekend, I often look to Monday as the start of another five days I must passionately work hard in what I do, so that I place myself steps closer to fulfilling what I believe is my God given destiny.  If I want to become this renowned writer and television powerhouse, I have to take advantage of the five days I’m blessed with each week starting on Monday.

To me, Monday also means that there are people who will be going to work in the various departments and offices that can help me to become what I aspire to be.  Starting on that day, there are folks teaching classes I need to take, offering meetings I gladly want to sit in, and answering questions and handing out information that is vital to me reaching my life’s goals.  And that is applicable for most people with dreams. Yeah you may have to go to that 9-5 to pay the bills, but during your lunch break, and when you get home, you have the chance to put in the work and connect with the right folks to walk into the calling that is on your life.  That’s something to be excited about if you ask me.

In conclusion, I want everyone to have an amazing day and awesome week.  You may be looking at Monday as if it were sent from the pits of Hell, but try to see Monday in a positive light from time to time.  It will help you grow more appreciative of the gift that it is.  Plus, it will make the day go by faster. Oh, and it’s NEVER too late to start tapping into your life’s purpose.  So if you haven’t begun that journey of exploration, for your own sake, I encourage you to start.   Should you be a Christian like myself, it starts by just getting on your knees and praying.  There’s a chance you won’t hear from God right away, but the answers you seek will come.

As always nothing but love,


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