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This Election Reminds Me of…

In one of those moments when I let my mind wander, I started thinking about this year’s election.  And I wasn’t thinking about who offers the better healthcare plan, or whose economic policy will better benefit America’s future.  I was thinking about what this election year reminds me of in terms of TV and film.  And here is the list I came up with.

Family Guy

This election often feels like a live-action version of Family Guy. While I’m definitely not an avid watcher of the show by any means, I have seen one or two episodes to know what I’m talking about.  And in the couple of episodes that I’ve seen, the main character Peter has managed to offend just about every demographic you can imagine.  Blacks, Christians, Asian-Americans, and women.  You name a race, ethnicity, religion1462442548_1037649692, or gender, and I can guarantee the group has been offended at some point.  Similarly since launching his campaign, republican Donald Trump has managed to make a mockery of Mexican immigrants, Black Americans, women, POWs, and people with disabilities.  I’m sure I’m leaving out a group of people, or three, but you get the point.  Donald Trump is the real life Peter Griffin.


Disney’s Hocus Pocus

hocuspocusI almost hate to compare the current presidential election with one of my favorite movies of all time, but I have to do it.  If you’ve seen the film, then you recall Bette Midler’s character Winifred casting a spell on all the grown-ups.  After she completes the spell, all the adults in the room are in a trance and can’t stop dancing at the party.   As is the case, the parents are essentially incapable of seeing that their children are in immediate danger at the hands of the witches.   Sound familiar?  Well it should.  There are thousands parents blindly voting for Trump, unaware of the potential threat he poses for the future of their kids. Besides gender, the only difference here is I’m not sure what spell Trump has cast.  I guess it’s his charisma and winning personality. (In case it’s hard to tell, that last line was definite sarcasm).


MTV’s Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘N Out


The former Celebrity Apprentice star has managed to drag this election cycle to the lowest of lows.  Trump has called women dogs and Miss Piggy, his opponents “Lying Ted” and “Crooked Hillary”, and the news media “dummies”.  Given his number of insults, you would think he was on a competition show like Wild ‘N OUT  to make them.   If his shady ways weren’t so nasty and insulting, perhaps I’d be more inclined to be entertained.



786c559be55c5799b7470f91b9b3689bGiven the show, it’s probably better to think of this comparison from the Hillary Clinton perspective.  While I’m not saying she isn’t deserving of the White House, I am saying her pursuit of the top office has been relentless.  I knew as soon as she agreed to become President Obama’s secretary of state that she had plans to run in 2016.  Despite her playing coy about the idea at first, I knew she was determined to get America’s top job.  Then when she finally announced the start of her official campaign, the former senator and her team craftily got rid of Martin O’Malley, and then Bernie Sanders.  She battled against email scandals and Clinton Foundation assumptions.  And while she may not be that well-liked by most, she somehow is on the cusp of becoming this country’s first female president.  She’s got one heck of an Olivia Pope on her team.


Never Been Kissed

tumblr_n3qcjw8ik81r9nc53o1_500Again, think Hillary here.  In the actual movie, Drew Barrymore’s character Josie goes back to high school and has an opportunity to relive her teenage years more successfully. And as we all know, 2016 is Hillary’s redo from 2008.  A redo where she is trying to avoid making the same mistakes she did in the last election, and really try to be amongst the popular kids (and let’s face it, her approval ratings prove she has a lot of work to do in the homestretch of this       political race).


Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

verucasaltThis comparison is really focusing on the characters and not the story plot.  Do you remember Veruca Salt?  She was the wealthy whiny spoiled brat that wanted things when she wanted them. Then during one of her tirades she decided to hop on the scale weighing the good and bad golden eggs, and was tossed down the garbage shoot as she was ranked as a bad egg. Well you can guess who I think Veruca Salt is in this situation.  Trump of course.  While I don’t necessarily want him falling down garbage shoots, I do hope come November 8, 2016 that he is dumped from American politics. And I guess in this case, Hillary in this scenario would possibly resemble Charlie.  However, she clearly is not quite as doe-eyed and innocent.


Disney’s Recess

recess_wall2_800This one is pretty self-explanatory.  The shenanigans of this year have often been very juvenile and immature.  You would think Trump was seven instead of seventy.   As I think of all the foolishness of this election cycle, I can’t help but to shake my head and wonder who the principal is over this nonsense on the political playground.



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