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Kim’s Ordeal is NO Laughing Matter!

Today I’ve decided to delay my original post for today to talk about no other than Kim Kardashian-West.  As you guys know, I don’t talk about a ton of pop culture on here, and I’ve never talked about Kim.  However, I felt compelled to say something in light of the unfortunate circumstances she has recently faced, and those that feel her misfortunes are somehow a laughing matter.

As I’m sure you all have heard by now, the reality star was robbed at gunpoint while in a “secluded” apartment building in Paris.  According to her details of the incident, she was bound and manhandled, while in fear that she would be raped or even murdered.  Before the robbers had the opportunity to gag her to prevent her from talking, she allegedly begged for her life offering the robbers anything they wanted.   She begged for life for the sake of her children.  Not for her, but for her two kids.  In that moment, she was reduced from a high profile celebrity, to a wife and mother of two.  It’s this part that get’s to me the most.

If my mom were ever in a situation like Kim when I was the age of North or Saint, I’m sure she would have begged for her life for my sake too.  No good mother wants to leave their young children motherless.  Every good mother wants to guide their babies into adulthood.  They want to see their sons and daughters ride their first bike, go on their first date, get through their first breakup, graduate from high school and college, and even have babies of their own.  And to think that Kim, in the few minutes of the robbery, had the misfortune of thinking she would never get to experience some of those moments as a parent, is heartbreaking.  How could people crack jokes and not empathize and sympathize with that?

I haven’t even mention yet how anxious she must have felt pondering the fact that her kids could have been with her during the incident. She is photographed with her kids all the time, and that night happened to be a night she was probably thankful to be without them.  But I’m sure the “what ifs” have started sinking in her mind.  What if her daughter or son had been there?  What if the robbers had harmed her kids?  What if robbery would have scarred her kids for life (well at least North West)?  Again, the robbery isn’t funny.

Look, I know there are people that don’t like the Kardashian-Jenner clan.  That’s fair.  But to sit here and belittle a mother’s, a woman’s, experience is really disgusting.  It is equally disgusting to blame all her social media posts and her choice to live her life in the spotlight, for what occurred in Paris.  I’m not sure why there is culture that believes the victim should always bear some responsibility for the crimes committed against them.  I think that is absolutely absurd.  While Kim’s case is NOT of the same magnitude, the victim shaming against her that I see across Twitter and Instagram remind me of people justifying why Trayvon Martin was shot by George Zimmerman, or how rape victims’ attire led to them being sexually assaulted.  A victim is a victim.  PERIOD!

With all that said, I encourage readers to tap into their human compassion, and see the seriousness in Kim K. being robbed at gunpoint.  It’s more than okay to reject the comedy offered by various memes and daytime talk show hosts.  At the end of the day, I’m sure you wouldn’t want your mother, sister, or aunt to have been in that situation.  And God forbid they were, you wouldn’t want people cracking jokes about it.

-As always nothing but love,


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