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Thoughts on Orlando

Today like many of you, I find myself still stunned by the events that happened early yesterday morning. To think that someone would go into a nightclub with the intent of killing as many victims as they can spot is horrifying.  I remember all the times I’ve been to a gay nightclub with friends.  We were usually already a few drinks into our fun night, and we were worried about several things.  We worried about our final look entering into the club.  We worried about making it to the front of the line before the inflation price hits.  Heck, sometimes we even worried about sobering up for the bouncer at the front door.  But not once did we necessarily worry about our overall safety.  We never got nervous about a gunman busting through club doors, and spraying his bullets of hatred.  And after Sunday’s early travesty, I guess we have to worry about that now.

While I’m devastated by what has transpired, I can’t say I’m completely shocked.  I know that sounds grim and morbid, but I’m basing my opinion on what has already happened in this country.  How many children have gone to school expecting to learn, and been shot?  Or folks gone to the movies, and never made it out alive?  Or men and women walked into to work trying to earn a living, and yet be clipped by a bullet. Or those of faith gone to a house of worship, and been unexpectedly ambushed?  So again, I can’t unfortunately be shocked by what went on in Orlando.  It’s the new (well historically old) reality in the U.S.

What has bothered me in addition to the actual shooting, has been the responses by some.  There are several that have made ignorant statements that suggest that because Pulse is a gay club, that somehow this massacre was a part of God’s wrath.  Let me make three things perfectly clear.  First, God doesn’t need help with enacting his “wrath.”  He is all powerful, and needs no assistance.  Second, if God was in the everyday business of vengeance instead of mercy and forgiveness, then not one person would be able to walk the earth.  Third, as Christians, you can’t possibly profess the love of Christ and spew hatred upon his creations in the same breath.  Where is the love in that?

I’ve also been disturbed by the stupid level of generalization that’s been going on.  Donald Trump has once again been stirring up the anti-Muslim sentiment.  The shooter in question may have been Muslim, but his ill-advised decisions shouldn’t be a reflection of the all the people of that faith.  And for Stacey Dash to point out that this deranged man was a democrat is insulting too.  In a time when this country should be rallying together, these two idiots, and those like them, want to turn this into a blame game amongst religious and ideological followings.  This is completely disrespectful to the victims and their families.

And on one last note, I’d like to mention that while stricter gun control laws in this country would be nice, that is a solution that doesn’t solve the problem here.  The most dangerous weapon a person can possess is his mind.  Until more is done to help children with their elementary understanding of acceptance, cultural difference, and tolerance, young people will continue to grow into racist, homophobic, and at times elitist adults.  The saying “it takes a village to raise a child” is so true.  So as Americans going forward, the village needs to be held to a higher standard when shaping the minds of kids.  We either produce bigots or open-minded minded citizens.   My prayers continue to go out the victims and their families, as well as the family of the suspect.


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