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Do’s and Don’ts for Pride Event Weekends

Given the fact pride season is about to be in full swing, I decided to share some do’s and don’ts for those planning to go. While I won’t pretend this is an exhaustive list, it is one that reflects some things I think are important based on my experiences, or those of folks I know.  So let’s jump right on in.

Do Pace Yourself
I joke with friends all the time that when you and your crew meet up for a long weekend, it’s about trying to complete the marathon, not a sprint. Getting completely trashed the first night and not being able to function the other two or three days you’re with your friends, is not a good look. It kind of sucks actually. So I recommend folks drink just enough for the turn up each day Lol! (Drink responsibly of course.)

Don’t Be Ready to Fight
For those that travel out of town for the various pride events, don’t be so eager to square up with someone that pisses you off. You took vacation time off from work and spent the money on travel. It’s a waste of energy to entertain negative folks that are on assignment to ruin your good time. Heck you can wait to you get back home if you so choose to hang around negative people (I wouldn’t do that either, but hey that’s me).  By the way, I’m positive your friends don’t want to bail you out of jail because you swung on someone.  And you don’t want to be in jail away on a holiday weekend.

Do Have a Proper Sex Kit
Look, not everyone goes to pride in search of a great hookup. I know I don’t. However, for the many that will be on the hunt, have your sex kit ready. What’s in the kit you ask, I’ll tell you.

  1. Enema
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, tops and bottoms can use a good enema before engaging in adult activity.  Tops can use one to relieve that full feeling if they just ate. And the bottom… Well I shouldn’t have to explain the benefit of an enema in bottoming.
  2. Soap
    This is a definite must. The last thing someone wants to sniff is a peen smelling of old hot dog water, and a box reeking of hot summer garbage. So before you engage in anything, do yourself and your sexual partner a favor, and wash up! A friend of mind would say have two kinds of soap. One for cleaning, and the other for fragrance.
  3. Protection
    Say it with me now. WRAP IT UP! A box of condoms can prevent you some health issues, save you some heart ache, and spare you some mental anguish. So use them.
  4. Common Sense
    You can’t buy this over the counter, so I’m hoping you all have it somewhere within. Even if it’s deep within. You’ll want common sense so you ask the right questions before engaging in anything with anyone.

Don’t Be the Guy/Girl with Bad Breath or BO
I shouldn’t have to state this, but I’ve smelled too many folks in the club or at the bar that are having an off night in the hygiene department. Just know that if it’s 90 degrees outside, or if you are going to a hotbox venue, apply some deodorant. Heck an extra coat won’t hurt. And if you’ve been eating and drinking, and unable to get back to your hotel to brush your teeth before hitting the next location, keep some mints or gum on you. It’s that simple.

Do Let at Least One Friend Approve of a Potential Hookup
Listen, when some people get drunk, their judgment becomes skewed. Their hormones grow to be out of control, and they start making decisions without their brain. That’s when a good friend comes in handy. Before you agree to go home with anyone, have your friend survey the decision to ensure the guy is of quality and doesn’t appear to have any ill intentions. I watch enough ID Discovery to know there are some real nuts out here.

Do Make Sure Uber Is Downloaded
Sometimes playing rock, paper, scissors to see who’s turn it is to play driver for the night gets stale. You probably want to turn up like everyone else, without having to worry about how you will sober up to get from point A to point B. So don’t worry about it. You all can download uber, split the fare, and drink and twerk all over town.

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