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Majoring in Me, The Book Series is Coming June 5th

Folks I’m extremely excited to announce the forth coming release of my very first novel Majoring in Me (Acceptance).  It’s something I’ve been dreaming about and working on for a while, and to see everything start to come together is an amazing feeling.  And I’m eager to share my labor of love with you all when it’s released on June 5, 2016.

So what is Majoring in Me about you may ask?  Well let me tell you.  Imagine being somewhat of a sheltered 18 year old black boy arriving to college as a freshman.  You’ve spent little time trying to discover who you are as a person, and instead have conformed to what people said you were to be. Then while in college, you feel a sense a freedom that you’ve not quite known before and begin to explore.  Although, you don’t want to explore the unknown too much out of fear.  After all, you’ve got “Christian” principles you grew up with and must uphold, and an allegiance to be straight that you by default pledged in front of your closest family and friends.  Add the fact that your first love is a fine man named Kendrick, you’re in a slightly homophobic chapter of a fraternity, and you contemplate voluntarily taking a trip to the Grim Reaper’s front door.  With the full scope of this picture in mind, you just imagined the tale of the main character Tristan Steele.

Now you may be further asking what makes this novel different from other coming-of-age stories about black gay men?  To that I will say, it just may sound similar in some aspects to other books out there.  However, I like to think Majoring in Me is unique in a number of ways.  For starters, I hope my book offers a level of understanding as to why so many young men, black men especially, feel shamed into a closet.  It’s not just about worrying about the afterlife or preserving an image, for many it’s about destroying the only life they know.  There are countless real life accounts of families and friends disowning a “loved” one because he is homosexual.  Fears of living your truth but being all alone, can take a toll on a person’s mental state.  And speaking of mental state, I feel this novel will talk about depression and suicide in a way that is not always discussed.  I hope people will look at the Tristan character, and gain strength from how he perseveres.

Then there is the whole fraternity aspect of all of this.  Let me be perfectly clear when I say this book is fiction and is not a tell-all book about black Greeks.  However, I do make sure to tell the story of a common hetero/homo dynamic within various fraternity organizations.  Again, this is not a tell-all book and is fiction.  But darn good fiction. LOL!

Oh and did I mention there are some steamy scenes in this book too.  In the midst of trying to find himself, Tristan taps into his inner sexual being.  What’s that saying? “It’s always the quite ones.”  LOL!  A good romance is nothing new, but this one is definitely a great one to read.

Now what I like most about this book, is that it’s part of a series.  Yes a series!  I decided that the journey of owning your sexuality can’t be told in the context of one novel.  As mentioned already, the first book of the series Acceptance, details how Tristan comes to embrace who he is, and is due to hit shelves June 5th.  The second installment, Proclamation, describes the at times agonizing process of coming out, and will be released in some months to come.  And trust me, book two has more plot twists and turns that I could have imagined.  That is if I weren’t the author.

Again, Majoring in Me (Acceptance), will be released on June 5, 2016 via ebook formats on Kindle and Nook. Amazon will exclusively be selling physical copies.  So make sure you get your cards ready for purchase.


Majoring in Me (Acceptance) is now available for ebook pre-order on Amazon.  Check it out!




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