Who’s in… Light Skin or Dark Skin?

Hi T,

I saw the post you had about thick men, and was quite impressed.  That was some good reading.  Having read that, I want to know your thoughts about dark skin men.  It seems like light skin guys have been in season for what seems like forever.  When are the chocolate brothers such as myself coming back in style?  And on that note, why does everyone just seek out tall light skin men?  To be clear, I’m not jealous of anyone or hating.  I’m only a man that is tired of the sexiness of chocolate brothers being downplayed. That’s all.  Can’t wait to read what you have to say.

Darker the Berry

Dear Darker the Berry,

Thanks for writing to me.  I’m glad you liked my response to the question I received about thick men.  I actually had a pretty good time responding to the author of that letter. And I said it then, and I’ll say it now, thick men have always had a fan base.  But you wrote me asking for my advice about the dark skin/light skin divide.  So let me get to it.

As a point of reference, it’s worth noting that for a long time across the globe, the standard of beauty established was based on an ignorant perspective that the more European features a person has, the more gorgeous he is.  This perspective naturally places men of a lighter skin tone as examples of sexiness and good looks. However, I, like many, know that this take on beauty is a load of BS.

For me, I find the whole array of blackness is sexy.  What I mean by that, is that I won’t overlook someone’s sexual appeal just because they aren’t as light as Drake, or dark like Serge Ibaka or Idris Elba.  I recognize good looks when I see it.  Just to add, I’ve never had a skin preference when it came to dating.  So the whole light skin vs. dark skin thing doesn’t apply in my realm.

And similar to the thick man conversation, dark skin men will always have an audience just like light skin men will.  I’ve never bought into the notion that either one is winning and the other is losing in one moment in time.  Are there people who only seek out tall light skin men? Yes of course.  But there are also people that only seek out short dark skin men?  It’s all about preference people.  Just because one person doesn’t subscribe to your camp, doesn’t mean you aren’t hot.  It means you and that person aren’t destined to be together.  Plain and simple.

Suggestions going forward.

  1. I caution you, and all that read this, don’t let your beauty be tied in rejection. Everyone has the right to have an opinion, and if someone’s opinion is you aren’t sexy to them, so what!?  There are some that I’m sure will completely disagree.


  1. Let’s be advocates of letting this caramel vs. chocolate battle die out. I’m sick of hearing it. Black is beautiful.  Let’s get in formation like Bey said, and celebrate it. LOL!

As always nothing but love,


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