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Stopping Donald Trump

So in the past week, I’ve been reminded of a major reason why Trump is seemingly so popular.  The ignorance that he spews from his platform, preys on the very fears and ignorance many in America have.  His “othering” of Muslims, condemnation of Mexicans and Mexican Americans, and belittlement of women, strikes a chord with the apparent millions of people that treat minorities as a scapegoat for all the turmoil in this country.

History shows that his campaign uses similar tactics deployed by the creators of 1915 film, The Birth of a Nation.  For those that don’t know, The Birth of a Nation was a silent film that grossly demonized blacks, and was utilized to stir up hatred in this country for minorities.  Heck, it’s often credited as a recruitment tool for the KKK.  And given some of the endorsements rolling in for Trump lately, the parallels between the businessman’s rhetoric and this movie, are nothing short of alarming. Thankfully, and perhaps I should say hopefully, the difference between 1915 and 2016, is that we live in a more diverse and “accepting” society.


For those that want to block Trump’s path to The White House, then vote.  I get that the process of registering to vote, finding the correct polling places, and waiting in long lines to choose politicians can be a hassle.  But to be honest, the real hassle will come in November if this man gets elected.  Who knows what will happen if he becomes president?  I for one am scared to find out.  So again, VOTE!

Also, use your voice on platforms to demand more of media that choose to give into his dismissive rants.  Journalists and commentators don’t need to start playing softball with this man now.  They need to hold him accountable for his nonsense.  And you as readers and viewers have the power to make sure media does this.

Lastly, join the collective of people that are taking a stand against the former reality star’s momentum.  Folks are using the hashtags “notrump,” “nevertrump,” “saynototrump.”  The least you can do is tweet or Instagram the same, with Trump’s latest blasphemy.  Also, if you want to protest one or two of his rallies, do it.  But I’ll warn you now, if you are like me and don’t think you can stand being shoved or spat on, then you may not want to take a stand in this way.  (I for one would have honestly probably resorted to violence).  So the better option, may be to participate in campaign events for other candidates.

Folks we’ve got about 8 months to prevent foolishness from taking office.  So let’s get to work.


-Tavion Scott

P.S. Check out More on The Birth of a Nation (The Birth of a Nation)

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