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My Man Walked in on my Naked Roommate… How Do I Deal?

Dear T,

This may sound crazy, but I feel a bit insecure about my roommate and my boyfriend being around each other.  About 3 weeks back during the snow storm, my boyfriend decided to ride the storm out at the apartment that I share with my roommate/friend.  Well on day three of Snowmageddon, my boyfriend walked into my bathroom without knocking and saw my friend coming out of the shower naked.  I know you’re questioning why my friend was in my bathroom, but his tub was suffering from a water draining problem at the time, so I said it was cool if he used my shower until it got fixed.  What’s got me really bugging, is that according to my friend, it took my boo a while to remove himself from the bathroom once he realized what was going on.  And I get my friend’s body is insane, and word on the street is he has a big package, but still.  My man couldn’t look away and leave right away?  Now I’m just worried my boyfriend is secretly into my roomie.  What would you do here?

Trying Not to Worry

Dear Trying Not to Worry,

Thanks for writing to me.  First off, I’m glad to know you made it out of Snowmageddon alive and with your sanity.  I’ve never seen that much snow fall at one time in my life.  I would actually be glad if I never saw snow again this winter.  But anyway, you’re question.

That is an incredibly awkward situation you, your man, and your roommate find yourself in.  I’ve never been in a situation where my bestie has seen my bae’s genitals or the rest of his body.  But heck, in this day and age of Jack’d, Tumblr, and other sites, folks’ nakedness is becoming less of a mystery these days. So who really knows what was tea back in my dating past?  LOL!

As far as your boyfriend pulling a stop and stare with your roommate, you’d be surprised to know that I don’t blame him.  At the end of a day, a man is a man.  Whether he is tied down in a relationship or not, it doesn’t change that fact. It’s perfectly natural for a man, a gay man anyway, to eyeball an attractive guy.  Especially, if that guy is well endowed.  That doesn’t necessarily mean your bae wants to leave you and pounce on your friend.  Think how many coupled up people you know that scroll through Tumblr and such.  These men are scrolling, with no intention of leaving their partner.

Now I’m assuming you trust your boyfriend and your friend, or else you wouldn’t haven’t given your heart to your boo, and locked into a monetary agreement with your roommate.  If my assumptions are correct, then you should relax and let this issue go.  A true friend would never make a play for your man, and a partner wouldn’t dream of crossing the line with someone close to you.  Not every situation in life will play out like an episode of Young & the Restless.  If you haven’t noticed any inappropriate exchanges between these two people in your life, then don’t create a problem where none exists.

Suggestions going forward.

  1. If you happened to notice in future interactions that your boo is gazing a little too hard at your friend, then feel free to speak with him about it. Or simply, limit the frequency of their contact.


  1. Teach your boyfriend how to knock, and your friend how to lock a bathroom door. LOL!

As always nothing but love,

Tavion Scott

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3 thoughts on “My Man Walked in on my Naked Roommate… How Do I Deal?”

  1. Bmac81 says:

    Lol well send the roomie my way.

  2. Trying Not to Worry says:

    It gonna try to calm down about all this, but I don’t like this

    1. AsAccordingToT says:

      Yes try to calm down about the situation and relax

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