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This Can’t Be American Politics

Up until now, I’ve been relatively quiet about the present and future political landscape of this country.  And that’s not because I haven’t had my share of opinions.  Trust me, I’ve had plenty to say.  But now with the 2016 presidential primaries inching closer, and certain politicians and pundits shoving their feet further into their mouths, I decided to get somethings off my chest.  So here it goes.

Donald Trump’s Popularity is Baffling

For the life of me, I still can’t understand why or how this presidential hopeful is leading the Republican field of contenders.  He lacks political experience, and really acts like a Grade A jackass.  I mean the words that have been coming out of his mouth over the past year are beyond ignorant.  From his slanderous attack on Mexicans, to his insensitive remarks about women, to his most recent spew of offensive comments about Muslims, Trump has made it his secondary mission to piss people off.  And what’s crazy about all of this, is that the more people he offends, the more popular he becomes in the polls.  I mean what the heck is going on people?  Should he win a republican nomination and eventually become president, I may have to consider joining my brothers and sisters in Canada.  Heck Drake apparently loves it there.  LOL!


Gun Control

Why aren’t our leaders focusing more of their time and efforts on what I believe to be the biggest threat to this country?  I’m not naive of the real potential danger that international terrorists groups such as ISIS present to the safety of the U.S.  However as of late, more Americans are losing their lives at the hands of other gun toting Americans.  Look what’s going on in cities like Chicago, or at movie theaters, or at the several universities in existence.  People are going to work, or school, or typical hangout spots being shot at like they are on the battlefield.

With each passing gun incident, I hope representatives and senators will run to their office to work on proposals to better shape gun control in this country. And each time I’m predictably disappointed.  I’m not sure if it’s the power and money the NRA is throwing around or what, but folks don’t want to make changes to current gun laws.  I don’t get.  It’s like some politicians are more concerned with a could be threat than the real threat that is already on American soil, and getting worse by the day.



For the United States to be one of the most diverse countries in the world, it’s baffling how many problems exist here pertaining to differences in race, religion, sexuality, and etc.  Waving the planet’s largest democracy and freedom flag, one would think America was a shining example of how coexistence should work.  And while I’m proud to live here where everyday violent persecution is not readily acceptable or legal, there is systematic racism, sexism, and homophobia that is on display daily in America.

And I fear individuals like Donald Trump will again breathe life to an anti-Muslim sentiment that is neither fair nor warranted.  What happened in San Bernardino was a travesty, and I pray for the victims, their families, and all those involved.  But, to be fearful or skeptical of an entire demographic of people due to the violent and misguided actions of a few, is WRONG!  As a black man in America, I know what it feels like to be prejudged because of certain actions and/or portrayals of other men of the same race.  However, just like law enforcement agencies across this land are pressing people to believe that not all police officers are bad and have ill-advised agendas, black men, black women, Muslims, and countless other groups are at large good people with a few bad representatives.

Speaking of police, I’d like to quickly plea that more impactful changes be made in policing agencies to prevent anymore Freddie Grays, Trayvon Martins, or Eric Garners.  I just don’t think body cameras and one or two diversity seminars are the solution.  Perhaps psych evaluations to determine current and future cops’ potential to perform based on racial prejudices may help.  I don’t pretend to have all the answers or anything, but I know more has to be done.


Hillary Realized She Must Earn Her Votes Again

At the start of Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign, I kind of felt she was skating a bit on her past success from 2008.  At the time of her 2015 race announcement, who could blame her?  Voters, political leaders, and news anchors didn’t see a viable democrat that could stop her from getting the party nomination.  But then entered Bernie Sanders.  I’ll admit, when I first heard Bernie was running, I like many barely blinked an eye.  However after months went by, his ideas, his “suck it Washington” attitude, and the feeling he wanted to make some change in the U.S., he began pulling me into his gravitation.  Which is a big deal!  I’ve been a longtime fan of the Clintons.  Fortunately for Hillary, two debates later and finally free of Email Gate, she has again won me over.  While I like Bernie a lot, I have to get behind the candidate with the experience and the more feasible plans for change.  (Bernie’s proposals sound great, but I know they have no chance of coming true as long as there is a Republican party).


*Side Notes

  • President Obama continues to be disrespected in unprecedented ways.
  • The Obamas are the coolest First Family this country has ever had. Michelle Obama stays dressed and fly. LOL!
  • Vice President Joe Biden is still the country’s favorite uncle. I hope he gets a television show or something after he leaves office.
  • Student Loan Reform is needed not only for future borrowers, but for current ones as well. Folks want the economy to thrive, but people can’t spend what they don’t have.  *cough cough, Sallie Mae*


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