Top 5 Signs You Are Dealing with a Messy Person

I have dealt with my share of messy people in my lifetime, and I make it a practice to keep such individuals out of my inner circle.  Life is too short and will bring about its own stressful situations.  There is no need to add unnecessary drama magnets to the equation.  So if the following points remind you of someone you know, Warning, you may want to reevaluate your squad. LOL!

  1. Can’t Help but to Hate

There are some folks that you will run into, that can’t help but to be full-time haters.  You could tell them the latest big news in your life, and even if they muster up a smile in front of you, they will question why you are deserving behind your back.  For example, you could get a new home, and they will gossip about how you can’t afford it.  Or, you could be getting married to the love of your life, and messy people will count the days before you file for divorce.  Oh, and don’t develop any goals, they will be your biggest Debbie Downers.  They will have a list of why your dreams will never come true.

  1. Having the Center of Attention Is a Must

Messy people love attention.  They love to have their names on the lips of those around them.  If they feel as if someone is taking eyes and ears away from them, they will usually do one of two things.  One, they will try to tug at the heart strings of spectators by divulging a sob story.  The story may or may not be true, but as long as they are gaining sympathy, that’s all that matters.  Option two, would be to belittle the person or persons that stole the attention away from them. Or in other words, throw shade to the attention stealers until the spotlight is back on them.  All in all, the world revolves around messy persons.  Or so they think.

  1. Personal Business is Communal Business

Listen, messy people have loose lips.  They are incapable of keeping anybody’s secret but their own.  Individuals will tell them things in confidence, and they repeat that information to anyone who will listen in an effort to “entertain” an audience.  If you had a one night stand you regret, don’t tell the Messy Megans or Martins of the world, because they will tell everybody and their mama.  And let members of team messy find out you were human and fell on your face, they will suddenly become the Daily Gazette and broadcast your misfortune to “Jim, James, Paul, and Tyrone.”  (Badu fans caught that reference I’m sure LOL)

  1. Anytime You Talk to Them They Know the Latest Tea

I know folks love hearing the latest word on the street about who is sleeping with who, what couple broke up, and who was caught in the latest compromising position.  But those always pouring the latest tea are more than likely messy.  Anytime you talk to a person, and she can only tell you what’s going on in everyone else’s life but you rarely get information on her recent developments, Raise Your Eyebrow!  That is someone you don’t necessarily want to have in your inner circle.

  1. Always in Conflict with Other People

The surest sign you are dealing with a messy person, is that he is always in some drama.  There is never a time when he isn’t beefing with someone over something petty, and broadcasting the conflict to the masses via face to face word of mouth or social media.    Think about how many Instagram and Twitter accounts you’ve come across where a person is always popping off about this friend, or that ex, or some 3rd cousin.  No offense to any of my readers, but always popping off and airing all your grievances on social media is a sign of immaturity and MESS!

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6 thoughts on “Top 5 Signs You Are Dealing with a Messy Person”

  1. Truth says:

    A thousand times yes. Agree with this list

  2. Anonymous says:

    Messy people are funny though. As long as they aren’t up in my business that is

    1. According To T says:

      Funny into they wreck havoc in your backyard lol

  3. Jasmine says:

    Messy people will bait you with a negative thought or idea about a person or thing to get you to agree with them and then turn around and tell what you said behind your back just some MESS! Be careful what kind of information you release to these people

    1. AsAccordingToT says:

      This is a very true statement.

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