If We’re Not in a Relationship Yet, Should I Buy a Valentine’s Day Gift?


I have a question for you.  Should I be buying a Valentine’s Day gift for a guy I’ve only been dating for 3 weeks?  It’s weird because part of me thinks it’s kind of early for me to spend money on a gift for someone I’m not sure I’m going to be with a month for now. I mean the guy is cool, and we click, but our thing is still pretty early. Then there’s the whole thing that if I get him something, but he doesn’t get me anything, I may feel some type of way.  Although, I don’t want him to be pissed if he buys me something, but I decide not to get him anything.  Maybe I shouldn’t be this worried about it, but we are supposed to meet up Valentine’s Day and I’m running out of time to think on it. You’re help would be much appreciated.

-Black Cupid 93

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Loving Yourself on Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day folks.  Whether you’re in a relationship, situationship, dating, or happily single, I hope today you celebrate love.  Not necessarily love in the romantic sense either.  Look, I’m a big supporter of people using this day to celebrate not only the love they have for their beaus, but also the love they have for friends, family, and others near and dear.  I also believe that people should use today to reflect on the love and admiration they have for themselves.  Self-love is so important; and yet, many people have the hardest time with the concept.