He Wants to be Intimate, But He Smells

Hello folks!  Today I would like to talk about something slightly uncomfortable for some, and quite entertaining for others.  While speaking with a Facebook friend yesterday, the conversation veered to the topic of musty undercarriage. Now undercarriage in this sense refers to the fun stick and dingle berries, as well as the booty.  And my Facebook friend and I briefly discussed what you do when you encounter an undercarriage that is anything but fresh.  I for one had a few suggestions if ever caught in that scenario, so I decided to share five excuses you can do if ever caught in a similar situation.  So take a look for yourself, and feel free to thank me later. LOL!


5 Myths about Relationships

I decided to address some current misconceptions out there about the concept of relationships.  I’ve heard some people view relationships as a cure for their own personal shortcomings and issues.  I’ve also heard people give me a long list of reasons why they would never in their life enter coupledom again.  So I decided to talk about some of the myths about relationships.  While the list here is not exhaustive by any means, I’ve chosen some top ones that are worth talking about.  And I hope dispelling these myths, help people reevaluate whether or not they are ready to commit to one.