I Just Left My Husband…How Do I Date In This New-Age Dating World?


I have decided to exit a ten year marriage. I have come to realize that I compromised so much of myself to make him happy and in return my happiness was depleted.  I no longer have an emotional and mental connection to this man and I am moving forward.  However, I have also noticed that this “new-age” dating is not for me.  It appears that every relationship is about sex and having multiple partners. Though I do not disagree with having sex and dating around to be sure you are investing your time and energy into the right person before becoming exclusive, I have an issue with sex and multiple partners being the main focus and NOT developing an intimate relationship. I realized in this marriage I married a selfish individual who abuses alcohol and, unfortunately, does not love himself (what he told me). I am not interest in this new-age dating, but craving that intimacy.

-urgh it’s complicated.


Where Are the Quality Men?

Dear T,

I’m not sure if I have a question, or more of something I want to rant about.  Lately, it seems like every person that hits me up on these dating apps are just blah.  They always come at me sideways with ratchet comments, and like 8 out of 10 of them are a little less than unattractive.  Like where are all the good guys?  The attractive ones.  The non-corny ones. The ones that don’t make my skin crawl.  Again, not much of a question but more of a vent.   Love the site btw.


Searching But No Luck