Should I Date Outside My Comfort Zone?


Recently was told about your site, and really liked what I saw.  You have some pretty good stuff on it.  It’s definitely helpful.  So I’m hoping you can offer me some helpful advice.  Not that I’m bitter or anything, but I’m sick of the single men out here on the market.  It seems like they are either, too self-absorbed and arrogant, a big hoe, or play too many games.  I just want to meet a good guy and be able to settle down in a relationship.  My sister told me I should try dating outside my type.    I usually prefer tall black masculine men, with abs, big arms, a firm chest, and a college degree. Thinking about leaving what I like, kind of makes me cringe.  Is it too much to ask that I find my perfect man without having to abandon all my preferences.  If I want a Morris Chestnut, why the hell should I have to settle for Carrot Top?  Interested in hearing from you.


Where is My Damn Man