I Love My Boyfriend, But I Can’t Get Any Sleep at Night


I have a question for you. It may seem stupid compared to some of the questions you answer, but I’d appreciate your honesty. I’ve been with my boyfriend for a few months now, and everything is cool except this one thing. When I spend the night at his place or he spends the night at mine, I can’t ever get any sleep. EVER! He always tries cuddling up with me and sleeping right on top of me. I just can’t sleep with a person on me all night. For the past few weeks, I’ve been coming up with excuses as to why he shouldn’t sleep over or why I can’t sleep at his spot. I know I probably should say something to him about the discomfort, but when I’ve mentioned the issue in the past with my ex, my ex and I got into a dumb argument. I don’t want that to happen. So yeah, your thoughts.

-No More Sleepless Nights

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Bad Sex…Should I Stay or Should I go?

Hi T,

Read a few of your articles and saw how you helped some folks out with tips, and was hoping you could help me.  What would you do if you and the guy you’ve been seeing for 2 months finally have sex, and the sex is mediocre at best?  I’m in this situation now.  When we kiss, he is amazing at it.  Which is why I was surprised he was so blah in bed.  I don’t think I could be in relationship with someone that can’t please me.  Thoughts?


Not Pleased