The Modern Day “Bug A Boo”

So T,

Is it normal for a guy now a days to be so demanding of your time, if you two have just been on a few dates?  I’ve been seeing this really sweet man for the last couple of weeks, and he texts me a lot, if not calling, to get a status update about my day, or to get to know me.  At first I thought this was cute, because it was nice to feel wanted and chased.  But now, I’m a little annoyed by the constant communication.  I tried to slow the texts and calls down by not responding to every message, but he’ll just send a duplicate message or “wyd” text if I don’t reply.  In my head I want to scream at him to chill out.  But I don’t know if this is what dating is about these days.  Haven’t been in dating world in years due to a relationship, which I recently ended.  Anyway, thoughts would be appreciated.

Yours Truly,

Tryna Date

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I Like My Friend’s Dad, Can I Date Him?

Hi T,

I have this coworker who I’ve become friends with over the past year or so.  Well about two weekends ago, he invited me to a birthday party for his sister at his dad’s house.   It’s there that I met his dad, and his dad is too sexy.  I couldn’t stop looking at him that whole night. The dad noticed me staring at him, and before I left he slipped me his number.  And since then, we’ve been talking every day, and have a date planned for Friday.  But now I’m starting to feel a little guilty.  As if I betrayed by coworker somehow.  Part of me thinks I should tell my coworker I’ve been talking to his dad, but the other part of me is not trying to do all that.  If I tell him I’m going on a date with his dad, it may make things awkward.  What should I do here?  And don’t worry, the dad is not married to coworker’s mom or anybody, and coworker knows his dad is gay.

Thanks for the help,

Love Some Grey


I Want that Old Thing Back

Dear T,

This past weekend while at a friend of a friend’s house party, I ran into an ex-boyfriend.  I hadn’t seen or heard from him since we broke up about a year and a half ago.  When we saw each other, something just clicked.  We talked the entire time I was there.  Being with him in that moment felt right.  Plus, he still looks good, and even put on a few layers of muscle since we broke up.  Before I left the party, we made plans to go on a date and catch up.  My friend told me not to do it, because we broke up for a reason.  But I honestly kind of miss my ex and want to see him again.  I have a few days before our date, and wanted to know if you think I should cancel it because my friend is right?  Or should I follow my instinct?

Appreciate the advice,

Want that Old Thing Back

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Where is My Boo?

T I’m just going to jump right into this.   I’m sick of being single, and I’m tired of being what my cousin calls a serial dater.  I thought about this last night, and I haven’t been in a real relationship in almost 3 years.  And hell, my last relationship lasted a whopping 4 months.  What is it going to take for me to get a bae?  I have great career, nice place to live, and like to think I’m cute.  Definitely not a boogawolf.  And don’t really have hard time getting men to the bed.  Just a hard time keeping them there longer than a few weeks.  Hoping you can help me out with some words of wisdom or whatever to land a man.  Oh and FYI, I already asked my friends what they think I’m doing wrong.  They basically said, “man you’re a good catch, the perfect guy is out there for you.”  My response was “B$tch where?” Anyway, any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Booless in the City.

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Stop Banging My Friends!!

Dear T,

I have this best friend who I’ve known for 10 plus years.  When we are together, we have nothing but kikis and fun.  However, when I bring him around my other male friends from college, a flip switches and he becomes a person I don’t care for.  Without fail, he makes a point to flirt with all my other male friends.  And if he can, sleeps with them.  That pisses me off.  I don’t understand why there are countless gay men out in the world, and he feels the need to screw my friends.  It’s uncomfortable for me.  When shit hits the fan, my best friend and other friends look at me crazy.  Heck, I’ve actually lost a friendship with one guy because my best friend slept with him.  What do you think I should do here?


Wendell Williams

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The Mama Don’t Like Me

Dear T,

Last week I met my boyfriend’s mother for the first time.  Going into the meeting with her, I had high hopes that I would meet her and she would love me.  I mean most parents do.  But instead, she just threw me shade, and without saying so, she made sure I knew she didn’t care for me.  I asked my boyfriend what I did to offend her, but he says his mom just has to warm up to me.   Honestly, I’ve never heard that before.  I’m 29, have a college degree, a good job, my own place, and have a lot to offer.  And yet she doesn’t like me.  I thought maybe she didn’t like me because she doesn’t like the fact her son is gay, but my boyfriend says his mom has accepted his sexuality.  Oh and I was the first guy he has introduced as his boyfriend to his mother.   What are your thoughts?


Charles No Barkley


Lopsided Dating…He’s Not that into You

Dear T,

I’m in a dating situation that seems lopsided.  I’ve been talking to this guy for about 6 weeks, and whenever we talk, most of the time it’s because I initiated the conversation.  And the few occasions he does text or call me, it’s at night and always winds up being sexual.  I try to get to know things about him, and I don’t even think he’s asked me anything about where I went to school or where I grew up.  I thought maybe perhaps he is a little bad at dating, so I’ve been trying to be patient with him and stick it out.  But my sister told me to cut my losses because the guy is just not that into me.  What do you think?


Need to Know