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Should Your Dating Preferences Be Considered Offensive?

I recently had a brief yet interesting discussion with someone on Instagram that I thought I’d share with you all.  To give a little backstory, the individual in question is a gay person of color that was having a conversation with some of his acquaintances. When he and his friends started talking about dating preferences, he mentioned that he was not usually attracted to white men. At that revelation, he was accused of being racist. Keep in mind, from my understanding he didn’t go on a rant about white men being inferior or the devil.  And he didn’t say anything about practicing open discrimination against white men either. So feeling like it was two against one in the conversation with his acquaintances, he reached out to me to get my input.

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Be a Top’s kind of Bottom, and A Bottom’s Kind of Top.

Dear T,

I’m just starting to try this whole gay thing out, and I was wondering if you could offer me some tips.  I’ve been in a two month long relationship, and have yet to have sex.  As I prepare to take that step with my boyfriend, I’m seeking some advice.  Like what advice would you offer to someone that wants to be a great bottom?  And actually, what advice would you offer to someone that wants to be a great top?  I think I have an interest in being versatile.

Thanks for the help,

Gay Virgin96

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Top or Bottom, How Do You Know?

Dear T,

I’m new to this whole gay thing, and kind of confused.  I’ve been doing research, so I know the difference between a top and bottom, but not sure how to tell one from the other.  My instinct tells me if a guy acts like a guy and likes guy things, then he’s a top.  And if a guy acts like a girl and likes girly things, he’s a bottom.  However, the more dates I go on, and the more I’m around gays, the more I realize my instinct is wrong.  Can you tell me how you can tell the difference?


Baby Gay11