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The Unveiling of Euphonious K.Z.G.: Another Guy, Another Perspective

Hello Readers! Before you read too far into this, let me start by saying this in fact is not Tavion Scott.  Allow me to introduce myself.  I am Euphonious K.Z.G. That’s pronounced U-Phony-Us.  Tavion decided to loan me his platform on this fine Monday.  Heck, this Monday and the Mondays to come.  See, he asked me to be his first guest writer for his blog which blew my mind. So I am humbled and honored to have this opportunity and space to share my thoughts, creativity, emotions, weirdness, and light with you all. I hope you enjoy this journey with me. Now I’m a novice and an artist…so I’m sensitive about my shit lol.


Should I Date Outside My Comfort Zone?


Recently was told about your site, and really liked what I saw.  You have some pretty good stuff on it.  It’s definitely helpful.  So I’m hoping you can offer me some helpful advice.  Not that I’m bitter or anything, but I’m sick of the single men out here on the market.  It seems like they are either, too self-absorbed and arrogant, a big hoe, or play too many games.  I just want to meet a good guy and be able to settle down in a relationship.  My sister told me I should try dating outside my type.    I usually prefer tall black masculine men, with abs, big arms, a firm chest, and a college degree. Thinking about leaving what I like, kind of makes me cringe.  Is it too much to ask that I find my perfect man without having to abandon all my preferences.  If I want a Morris Chestnut, why the hell should I have to settle for Carrot Top?  Interested in hearing from you.


Where is My Damn Man

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Loving Yourself on Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day folks.  Whether you’re in a relationship, situationship, dating, or happily single, I hope today you celebrate love.  Not necessarily love in the romantic sense either.  Look, I’m a big supporter of people using this day to celebrate not only the love they have for their beaus, but also the love they have for friends, family, and others near and dear.  I also believe that people should use today to reflect on the love and admiration they have for themselves.  Self-love is so important; and yet, many people have the hardest time with the concept.

Tavion Scott the Author

Majoring in Me (Acceptance) is Officially Available

Hey Folks,

It’s here! It’s finally here! Majoring in Me (Acceptance) is now available for purchase. Wow that sounds so crazy for me to say.  What started out as some writing in a notebook about two years ago, is finally a published body of work.  To say I’m excited is an understatement.  But with my excitement comes a healthy dose of anxiety.  I’m not afraid to admit that to you all either.

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Intimate Convos with Tavion: Coming Out Part I

I haven’t really talked a lot about my experiences coming out, so I thought I’d start sharing.  When I finally came to accept myself for who I truly am after years of denial, depression, and self-hate, I decided that I would slowly start to tell some of those closest to me of my truth.  I figured if I’m going to live my adult life the way I want to, I can’t do that by being unauthentic to those I call besties and family.  One of the first ones up on my coming out tour was my college bff.


Unsupportive Friends

Dear T,

This past weekend I came out to my two male best friends.  After I watched Iyanla on TV this past weekend, I realized that I was tired of not being able to be me all the time.  So I invited them out for drinks at TGI Fridays, and just told them.  My one friend seemed to be cool with it.  He said he didn’t understand why I like men, but he also said he is my friend regardless.  Yet, he doesn’t want to hear about my personal life in that regard.  Now my other friend, was definitely not okay with me being gay.  He accused me of being a fake and a liar.  And he then told me he wasn’t with this gay shit and didn’t know how to continue being my friend if he doesn’t support homosexuality.  With all that said, I come to you wanting to know what to do with my friendships?  I’ve known them both for over ten years and don’t really want to lose them as friends, but I want to be free to be me.

Thanks for the advice,

Finally Me

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Should I Date Someone Still Stuck in the Closet?

Hey T,

I want to ask you for your opinion on something.  I haven’t seen the inside of the theoretical closet in about 5 years.  However, I’ve been kicking with this guy lately and I think he is really still in it.  He’s not big on going out on dates in public, he introduced me as his friend when we stumbled across one of his old high school buddies, and whenever I go to his place he always has the blinds closed tight and curtains drawn.  I really like this man because we click on many levels, but I don’t like to feel like I’m being drug back in the closet.  Should I dump this guy, or be patient with him and hope things get better?

Thanks in advance,

Truffle No Butter


Confidence is Sexy!

Hey T,

I’m going to try and keep this brief. Since social media has become such a big thing now, I’ve become increasingly more insecure. Men are posting pics of themselves with their rippling abs, their superman chests, their Hulk like arms, and their huge legs and butts that can crack walnuts. And then I look at me. Standing at 6’2″, weighing 240, with a medium/large build, a keg for a stomach, and a butt barely visible. Thankfully I’ve been told I have a nice smile and dimples. But honestly, how is a guy like me supposed to catch someone with mini versions of Captain America and the Black Panther walking around out here?


D.C. Marvelous