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More than Dating, Less than a Relationship, It’s a “Situationship”

For those familiar with my content, you know that I regularly use the term situationship. I haven’t really broken down the definition of the term, so I decided to take a little time out to do so. By the end of this post, you should have a strong grasp on this word not yet in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, and perhaps not used in your everyday vocabulary.

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This Election Reminds Me of…

In one of those moments when I let my mind wander, I started thinking about this year’s election.  And I wasn’t thinking about who offers the better healthcare plan, or whose economic policy will better benefit America’s future.  I was thinking about what this election year reminds me of in terms of TV and film.  And here is the list I came up with.

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Oscars…What’s Really Tea?

In the midst of the water crisis in Flint Michigan, the ongoing violence in Chicago, the growing prison population, and the very real possibility Donald Trump could become president, this country is currently more fascinated by the fact the Oscars are once again heavy on the salt, and EXTREMELY light on the pepper.  If you catch my drift.  Without being distracted by the real issues that plague this country, I decided to add my two cents to this award debate.  I mine as well.

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Firing Off Friday: Top 5 Moments of Premiere Week on TV

Happy Friday folks!

I, like many, have a difficult time saying goodbye to summer.  The end of summer means no more backyard cookouts, no more warm sunny days on the beach, no more drinks on city rooftops, and no more t-shirts and shorts.  However, one of the best things about the emergence of fall is the return of great TV.  And this week, we saw some of entertainment’s best.  For those that tuned into the Big Four networks, I’m sure you could agree.  So as a part of Firing Off Friday, I decided to list the top 5 moments of premiere week.