When Talking Dirty Becomes too Much!

Dear T,

This may sound weird, but I’m going to ask for your advice anyway.  I’ve grown to really hate how this guy I’m seeing talks to me in the bedroom. When we are in the midst of having sex, he starts becoming super aggressive and saying things like “shut up and give daddy want he wants,” and “that’s right you’re my b**ch.” The thing is, this guy is super sweet and kind when we are doing everything else besides having sex.  And he is far from abusive.  So I don’t get why he changes up like this.  What are your thoughts?


Not Amused


Why Is Your Man Beefing with Me?

Dear T,

I had an issue that came up last month, and just want to get your advice. I have this friend who I’ve known for a couple years invite me out to visit him in Cali. Well when I went out there for a few days to visit, I stayed with him at his apartment. His boyfriend who is not his roommate, decided to stay at the apartment the whole time I was there. And the boyfriend was so nasty and so rude. He kept side-eying me and throwing slight shade. To top it off, he was real extra with the PDA with my friend, and was my friend’s shadow. Obviously the dude was jealous or threatened by me, but I didn’t say anything while in Cali because I didn’t want to ruin my whole weekend. But should I have cussed the guy out like I wanted to?

-Just Askin