Is He too Old for Me to Date?

Hey T,

I love what you have here.  I stop by and read the occasional post.  Anyway, I have a question for you.  I’ve been single for a minute, and recently my friend tried to convince me to date outside of my comfort zone.  He said I have nothing to lose, and I agree. So I told him I would finally say yes to this associate of a friend I know, that has been trying to meet up with me for weeks now.  This guy and I were introduced at a house party.  The thing is, I’ve only recently found out that homeboy is 17 years older than me.  I’ve never dated anyone that much older before, and I’m kind of nervous about that.  I keep thinking that’s too old.  T, what do you think? Is 17 years too old?

Still a Youngin


“Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number” Or is it?

Dear T,

How old is too old for me to be dating?  I’m 23, and I started dating this man I met at a bar who is 44.  My older sister told me I have no business seeing him because he’s too old, but I like him.  He’s well groomed, has a good job, and makes me laugh.  And he’s so much more mature then the guys my age.  What do you think?


Young But Ready