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Sometimes a Hello Is Just a Hello

As crazy as it may sound, it’s becoming harder and harder these days just to be nice.  At times it seems as if no one believes a man or a woman can show common courtesy and be polite without having ulterior motives.  If you tell a person “oh you look great, where did you get that shirt”, that somehow means you’re throwing a subtle dig at him for his appearance.   Or if you return a hello, then that low key means you want a person in the most romantic of ways. It’s like you can’t be a pleasant and enjoyable person, without your behavior being misconstrued.


The Nice Guy vs. The Bad Boy

When it comes to dating, the root of this paradox has been around for generations. Single men and women in the dating world have often wrestled with which type is best suited for them. While the brains of many loudly scream “nice guys make great mates,” the adrenaline of their loins scream “boring.”  Hormones will have them chase after that thrill and excitement of the bad boy.