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Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood….The Story of Milan, Miles, and Amber

I found it necessary today to discuss something that I saw on TV last night.  For those of you that have had an opportunity to see Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood this season, then you are aware of gay couple Milan and Miles.  For those who haven’t seen it, I’ll offer this brief synopsis.  Openly gay rapper Milan is in a “secret” relationship with Miles, a rapper who happens to be closeted in terms of his sexuality.  Miles has a longtime friend and once girlfriend named Amber, that he hasn’t told he was gay until last night’s recent episode.  Apparently Amber had been hoping to reunite with Miles romantically sometime in the near future.  However after revealing who he is to her, Amber takes off running in tears and anger.  She then claims everyone was right about him, and proceeds to play a victim role for the rest of the episode.  Meanwhile, Miles appears to be sorry for hurting her. With all that said, allow me raise a few issues.