Am I Stuck on Stupid?

Dear T,

I have a problem.  I’m in still in love with my ex, and I want him back.  We broke up about a year ago because he cheated on me.  When I found out what he did I was devastated, and couldn’t talk to him for a minute.  But over the past month, we’ve started talking again, and the feelings between us are still there.  Am I stupid to want to be with him again?


Stupid in Love

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Can I Tell Him He’s Bad in Bed?

Hey T,

Straight and to the point, how do you tell someone you’re dating they are bad in bed?  Been dating this guy for about a month now, and a few days ago we had sex for the first time.  He is extremely sexy, great personality, and very real, so I want us to work out.  But I don’t know if I can be with someone that is terrible at pleasuring me.  Thanks in advance for the advice.


Jeffrey Doe

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Who Picks Up the Check?

Dear T,

Quick question for you.  I’m a man and I’ve started dating men, but I’m slightly confused about the gay dating protocol.   Since we are two men, who pays when we go out?  I mean when I was dating women, I usually would pay because I grew up thinking that was the gentlemen thing to do.  Anyway, your advice is appreciated.




Hop Off His Ride So You Can Think!

Dear T,

I think I’m addicted to my ex-boyfriend/current boyfriend depending on the day.  We have been off and on for about 3 and half years now.  We will be good for about 2 months, and then all of a sudden he will do something that pisses me off and cause me to want to break up with him.  I mean he’s lied to me, cheated on me, and he can be so immature sometimes.  However, he also makes me laugh like no other, and he has given me some of the best surprises I’ve ever received.  Plus, the sex with him is beyond amazing.  I mean I’ve been with other guys, but none of them even come close to this man in the bedroom.  My friends say great surprises and mind blowing sex aren’t everything, and if me and the ex break up as often as we do, maybe I should move on.  But I can’t bring myself to let him go.  Say I move on and find another guy that doesn’t cheat, is mature, and always treats me right, but the sex is terrible.  I think if I work with the ex and help him grow up a little, I will have my perfect man.  Please tell me what you think?

Dream Catcher89

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Firing Off Friday: Drake

Hello good people,

And happy Friday to ya!  I’ve decided to start something new called Fire Off Friday.  On the occasional Friday, I will use my platform here to get something that’s been bothering me off my chest, or to share some revelation I’ve come to.  Essentially, I will be “firing off” my opinion.  And with that said, let’s jump right into this.