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You Fell In Love and He Cheated… How to Move on from an EX

Well this year I’ve been going through a huge transition in life and it’s all after finding out my ex cheated on me for years. Reflecting on my relationship, I did a lot to make it work and sacrificed a lot to make them happy and now seeing my energy and love was taken advantage of to make them feel better, simply sucks.  So I guess my question is “He f$cked you over, now what?

Now life has gotten a lot better for me, confidence risen, job opportunities, genuinely happy. But my hardest struggle is getting passed and over the hurt and pain, and it’s hard not reflect on the past.

-Surprisingly Broken

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The Wiz Live is a HIT!

As shocking as it may sound to some, I’m not really that huge on musicals and stage plays.  Growing up however, there was one production that I just could not get enough of.  That was The Wiz.  When mom introduced me the 1978 film adaptation of The Wiz, I recall watching it on repeat.  Songs like “He’s the Wizard,” “You Can’t Win,” and “Ease on Down the Road,” always had me on my feet singing along.  So needless to say, when I heard NBC was doing a remake of this childhood classic, I was extremely excited.  With a snack in one hand and a phone in the other (for social media purposes of course), I joined the millions of other people for last night’s broadcast.  Now having seen The Wiz Live I can thankfully report, it was an overall hit.  And here’s my top moments from the show.