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Bad Sex…Should I Stay or Should I go?

Hi T,

Read a few of your articles and saw how you helped some folks out with tips, and was hoping you could help me.  What would you do if you and the guy you’ve been seeing for 2 months finally have sex, and the sex is mediocre at best?  I’m in this situation now.  When we kiss, he is amazing at it.  Which is why I was surprised he was so blah in bed.  I don’t think I could be in relationship with someone that can’t please me.  Thoughts?


Not Pleased

Personal Revelations

Intimate Convos with Tavion: Dating Women

Before I was certain without a doubt that I was of the homosexual variety, I did happen to go on two dates with the opposite sex that I can remember.  And both of those dates occurred when I was in undergrad.  For those that are familiar with my other Intimate Convos posts, then you know I was pretty much a late bloomer when it comes to my personal life.  First date, first kiss, first time in the hay, all happened when I was 21.  So yeah, a late bloomer.  But anyway, I decided to share my limited experience dating women.


Being with a Relative’s Old One Night Stand

Hey T,

How would you feel if you found out a dude you are vibing with was actually with your cousin a few years back?  I’ve been talking to this guy for about 6 weeks, and last weekend my cousin came to visit me while he was on Spring Break. Well when I introduced my cousin to this guy, my cousin was acting a little weird.  So when the two of us got back to my place, my cousin dropped the bomb that he and this man, who I really like by the way, had slept together back at Miami Sizzle last year.  When I asked the guy about it, he confirmed it.  However, they both agree that it was a one-time thing.  But now I’m confused what I’m supposed to do. I don’t want to be involved with someone that smashed my cousin. Thoughts?

Too Close to Home


What Do You Say on PDA?

Dear T,

What are your thoughts on PDA?  I started seeing this guy a few weeks ago, and lately when we go out in public he wants to hold hands and kiss.  I’m not ashamed of being gay or anything, but doing all that in public is super uncomfortable for me.  I’ve been trying to drop hints for him to chill with all that stuff, but he hasn’t caught on.  I’m trying not to mess up our situation, because it’s new and I like him.  What would you do here?


Not With It