Should I Tell Him He Stinks?


Would you tell a friend that he has bad body odor?  I met a friend in grad school this semester, and he’s real cool.  On occasion we go out happy hour and chill.  Well last Friday was the first time we went clubbing together, and let’s just say it was a foul experience.  About an hour after we got to the club, I kept smelling something.  At first, I thought it was one of the many other people at the place.  However, my nose led me to him.  It was so bad.  Not only was the smell nauseating, but I was embarrassed to be there with him. Heck, when we left the club to go home, I rode home with my windows down.  It may be spring time, but it was nobody’s warm.  I’m not sure how I proceed with him.  Do I tell my friend he has an odor problem, or do I just never go to the club with him ever again?

Thanks in Advance,

Clean Air Only


I Like Him but His Breath…

Dear T,

How would you tell a guy that you’re dating and like, that he has bad breath?  I’ve been talking to this man for about two weeks, and every time we are really close face to face I smell something really faint. And when I reluctantly kissed him after he leaned in once, I was a grossed out.  It took everything in me that time not to yell out yuck.  All in all the guy is pretty great, it’s just his breath.  I want to continue to date him and see where this goes, but how do I fix this problem?


Carson Nightly