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Best Way to Manscape

Dear T,

I saw your post about manscaping, and I had a quick question.  Embarrassingly enough, I’ve never actually been big on doing that.  I was wondering if you could offer some tips on how to do it?  That’s really it.  Love the site btw.


Little Hairy


I Like Him, But Can I Ask Him to Shave?

Hi T,

Just came across your site, and love it. You should think about doing videos. But anywho, I got a little issue. This guy who I’ve been talking to finally decided he was ready to give up the goods. Trust me when I say I’ve been waiting with so much damn anticipation. Well when ole boy got naked, he had so much hair. I like a little hair because of the manliness of it is hot, but after a certain amount, it’s just gross.  A hairy manhole is just not it.  Even though I fooled around with him that night anyway because I was really horny, I can’t have that experience again. Do you think it’s okay to ask him to do better and shave or something?

– Why So Much