I Just Left My Husband…How Do I Date In This New-Age Dating World?


I have decided to exit a ten year marriage. I have come to realize that I compromised so much of myself to make him happy and in return my happiness was depleted.  I no longer have an emotional and mental connection to this man and I am moving forward.  However, I have also noticed that this “new-age” dating is not for me.  It appears that every relationship is about sex and having multiple partners. Though I do not disagree with having sex and dating around to be sure you are investing your time and energy into the right person before becoming exclusive, I have an issue with sex and multiple partners being the main focus and NOT developing an intimate relationship. I realized in this marriage I married a selfish individual who abuses alcohol and, unfortunately, does not love himself (what he told me). I am not interest in this new-age dating, but craving that intimacy.

-urgh it’s complicated.


I Like Him, But He Won’t Get Deep with Me

Hi T,

I’m dating someone who I believe has communication issues. I really like this person (actually I am falling in love), but our communication is horrible in my opinion. We have similar interests, enjoy being around each other, spending all of our time together and texting all day, but for some reason when we converse, we never go deep. What should I do to correct this so it doesn’t cause problems in the future? S/N, I feel like because I’m recently divorced,  and my ex-husband was big on communication, I’m expecting him to be because it’s what I’m use too? Am I wrong to want our communication to be as strong as our sexual, physical, mental, spiritual, and intellectual connection as well?

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