My Ex is Back, Should I Give Him Another Shot

Hey T,

How do you trust a guy that has found nothing wrong with lying to you in the past?  An ex of mine from a few years ago reached out to me on Facebook about a month ago, and we’ve been kind of talking ever since.  I’ve been shy about going there with him again, because when we were together, he cheated on me twice.  Of course with the cheating came the lies.  While he said he’s changed, and regrets the past, I don’t want to put myself in a situation where I get hurt again.  What should I do here? Should I see where this goes? If I do that, what can I do about the trust issue?


King Raymond88

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Can I Tell My Sister Her Boyfriend Is a Jerk?

Dear T,

Saw some advice you posted on Facebook, and thought it was pretty enlightening.  So I thought I’d write to you about a problem I’ve been having.  For the past few months, my sister has been dating this real jerk.  When she brings him around family events, he doesn’t speak to anyone.  When I’ve been out with him and her at a restaurant or bar, he drinks more than anyone and gets ratchet.  And I’m pretty sure he is cheating on my sister.  One of my friends said he saw the guy talking really close to some random girl about a week ago.  I’m not sure what to say to my sister.  In the past when me or my mom tried to tell my sister about her boyfriends, she never listened.  She always waited until the assholes broke her heart. Looking forward to your advice.

-Andy No Bravo


Should Couples Really Be Trying to Make Lemonade?

For the past week or so, unless you’ve been on the moon, you’ve at least heard snippets of Queen Bey’s Lemonade.  Personally, having listen to the album in its entirety maybe about 700 times, I can’t help but think about the notion of cheating. I don’t mean trying to figure out if Jay Z actually messed around on Beyoncé, and with who. I mean I’ve been thinking about how a true love between two people can survive infidelity. And like many of you, I took the thoughts in my head and shared them with friends, in an effort to have a mini forum on cheating.  While I’m not going to share everything my friends and I discussed, I will summarize in a few points about what stood out to me.


I Can’t Quit My Ex

Dear T,

No matter how hard I try, I can’t shake my ex.  He and I have broken up four times, and each time we get back together.  This last time though, I swore I was not going to take him back.  I told him, and myself, I was tired of the petty arguments and sick of feeling like I can’t trust him.  The last time we broke up, it was because he cheated.  And I know all the reasons why I shouldn’t get back with him, but damn it I love him.  The good times between us are really good.  Great convo, great laughs, and great sex.  With him in my ear asking me for another chance, I’m tempted to take him back.  What do I do here?  I could really use some good advice.

-Hopelessly Stuck