My Boyfriend Won’t Have Sex with Me and I Want to Bad

Man Tavion,

My boyfriend won’t have sex with me. We started dating back in July, and he still won’t let me top him. I knew he was celibate when we first started talking, but he said he was waiting until he got back into a relationship. I asked if he wanted to be official or whatever last week, and he still says he’s not ready for sex. Like what is a man to do? I have needs. We’ve talked about this, and my boyfriend said he still isn’t ready.  I feel like he’s holding out for the hell of it. Advice needed.

-I Wants It

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Dating Someone that Won’t Give Up the Goods

Dear T,

I started talking to this guy about two weeks ago, and while on a date this past weekend he revealed to me he is celibate.  And he plans to be that way until he has been dating a person for at least 6 months.  As someone that happens to really like sex, I asked him some follow up questions.  First, I wanted to know if that meant just penetration sex or everything.  He said ideally it meant everything but kissing, hugging, and a little groping every now and then.  I then asked him if six months was a definite time span or was he flexible.  The guy claimed he wasn’t really flexible with the six months.  Which leaves me in this bind.  I like the dude, a lot actually, but six months is a long damn time without penetration.  Especially if I’m not getting any oral play either.   Hell, a person can only play with own meat so many times before it gets old. What would you do in this situation?


Not a Hoe, Just a Man