I Can’t Quit My Ex

Dear T,

No matter how hard I try, I can’t shake my ex.  He and I have broken up four times, and each time we get back together.  This last time though, I swore I was not going to take him back.  I told him, and myself, I was tired of the petty arguments and sick of feeling like I can’t trust him.  The last time we broke up, it was because he cheated.  And I know all the reasons why I shouldn’t get back with him, but damn it I love him.  The good times between us are really good.  Great convo, great laughs, and great sex.  With him in my ear asking me for another chance, I’m tempted to take him back.  What do I do here?  I could really use some good advice.

-Hopelessly Stuck


Why Is Your Man Beefing with Me?

Dear T,

I had an issue that came up last month, and just want to get your advice. I have this friend who I’ve known for a couple years invite me out to visit him in Cali. Well when I went out there for a few days to visit, I stayed with him at his apartment. His boyfriend who is not his roommate, decided to stay at the apartment the whole time I was there. And the boyfriend was so nasty and so rude. He kept side-eying me and throwing slight shade. To top it off, he was real extra with the PDA with my friend, and was my friend’s shadow. Obviously the dude was jealous or threatened by me, but I didn’t say anything while in Cali because I didn’t want to ruin my whole weekend. But should I have cussed the guy out like I wanted to?

-Just Askin


My Boo is Besties with His Ex… I Hate It!

Hi T,

So my very new boyfriend is still friends with his ex. They broke up about a year ago due to the ex-boyfriend’s infidelity.  He insured me that they are “platonic friends” only, and although he was cheated on and took him back twice, that the guy is still a nice guy. And that after the break up, the ex was there for him (not sure if this is emotionally/financially/etc) and still considers him a friend.  Today he informs me that he believes that his ex bf is upset with him because he has turned down 2 requests to grab a bite to eat because of plans that we have had and the text exchange has been shorter than usual. According to my bf, they text 2-3 times a week. He did tell the ex that he was talking to someone, but has not yet updated him that he is now in a committed relationship.

I will say that I am totally uncomfortable with him remaining friends with the ex bf because he told me that he thinks that guy would still be sexual if my bf would allow it (meaning the guy still has feelings for him). I don’t have sexual desires for friends.  Trust has to play a part in this, but I’m starting to feel that he isn’t over his ex and perhaps it’s more when you feel the need to cater to your ex. Can it be that they are more than friends?  Any thoughts about this?


Not Feeling Your Ex


Dos and Don’ts for Blizzard Preparation


Hit that Grocery Store

The last thing Pizza Hut or the local Chinese food spot is trying to do, is deliver food to you all weekend in the midst of twenty feet of snow.  If you don’t want to go out in the bad weather to get the food, believe they don’t want to go out in the bad weather to give it to you.  So load up on stuff you can cook, or just whip up if the power goes out.  If you don’t cook, I suggest you load up on bread, deli meat, and stuff you can just pop in microwave.

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The Mama Don’t Like Me

Dear T,

Last week I met my boyfriend’s mother for the first time.  Going into the meeting with her, I had high hopes that I would meet her and she would love me.  I mean most parents do.  But instead, she just threw me shade, and without saying so, she made sure I knew she didn’t care for me.  I asked my boyfriend what I did to offend her, but he says his mom just has to warm up to me.   Honestly, I’ve never heard that before.  I’m 29, have a college degree, a good job, my own place, and have a lot to offer.  And yet she doesn’t like me.  I thought maybe she didn’t like me because she doesn’t like the fact her son is gay, but my boyfriend says his mom has accepted his sexuality.  Oh and I was the first guy he has introduced as his boyfriend to his mother.   What are your thoughts?


Charles No Barkley

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Playing with Fire…..Dating a Friend’s Ex

Dear T,

Please don’t judge me, but I think I have a thing for my best friend’s ex.  My best friend and this guy broke up nearly 3 years ago, and I hadn’t seen the ex until about 2 months ago.  That’s when the guy started working in my office. Since then, we naturally started talking and have even become cool. And my best friend knows this. What he doesn’t know, is that his ex has started flirting with me heavy. And if I’m honest, I like it because I like him.  But, my mind keeps telling me that I can’t go there for the sake of my friendship. However, I’m tired of denying my feelings for this guy. Plus, my friend has moved on and has a good man. What do you think I should do?


Playing with Fire


While He’s Flirting, I’m Jealous

 Dear T,

My damn boyfriend is driving me crazy.  As much as I love him, lately I’ve been wanting to kick his ass.  When I tell you he is biggest flirt, I mean it.  He’ll flirt with members at the gym, employees at the grocery store, waiters at any restaurant, and men on IG.  When I mention the problem I have with his flirting, he always respond the same way.  “Babe you know I’m not cheating, I love you.”  And then my personal favorite, “You know I’m just a natural flirt, it means nothing.  Don’t you trust me?”  I mean I do trust him, but man.  What do you think I should do here?


Angry Bey