Don’t Waste Time Being Jealous, Focus on Being a Better You

In this day and age when people broadcast their life on a daily basis across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, I find more folks living their lives through a green lens. I mean people are in a constant state of envy because the stories and pictures they come across showing ripped bodies, great jobs, picturesque relationships, and overall “fabulous” lives.  And before you convince yourself that you’ve never been the envious type, think about those times you came across a profile and said, “Oh he got a few muscles now and thinks he’s the sexiest thing out here.”  Or maybe you’ve been one to ask “How is he in a relationship, and I’m not?”  Or perhaps you’ve thought on occasion, “How is it that I’m working my ass off, barely making it and stressed, and he’s over there happy and balling out of control?” It’s easy for anyone to be a little green from time to time.  However, no one should go through life always jealous of others.


Should I Tell Him He Stinks?


Quick and easy question for you.  Well hopefully.  There is an associate I come across from time to time when I go to bars and what not, and he always an odor problem.  Either his breath isn’t the freshest, or he has some body odor issues.  On rare occasions both.  Anyway, I wanted so bad to tell him last weekend about himself, because I’m tired of interacting with the smell.  But my best friend who was out with me at the time, told me it wasn’t my place.  He said I should let one of the friends of my associate tell him.  However, if this is a consistent problem, doesn’t that mean his friends aren’t being a friend and helping him to solve this problem?  I told my bestie the next time I see the guy out, I’m going to pull him to the side in private and just be straight up with him.  But what do you think?

-Smells Bother Me

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My Man Walked in on my Naked Roommate… How Do I Deal?

Dear T,

This may sound crazy, but I feel a bit insecure about my roommate and my boyfriend being around each other.  About 3 weeks back during the snow storm, my boyfriend decided to ride the storm out at the apartment that I share with my roommate/friend.  Well on day three of Snowmageddon, my boyfriend walked into my bathroom without knocking and saw my friend coming out of the shower naked.  I know you’re questioning why my friend was in my bathroom, but his tub was suffering from a water draining problem at the time, so I said it was cool if he used my shower until it got fixed.  What’s got me really bugging, is that according to my friend, it took my boo a while to remove himself from the bathroom once he realized what was going on.  And I get my friend’s body is insane, and word on the street is he has a big package, but still.  My man couldn’t look away and leave right away?  Now I’m just worried my boyfriend is secretly into my roomie.  What would you do here?

Trying Not to Worry


Instagram is a Problem in My Relationship

Dear T,

Would you be comfortable with your boyfriend constantly posting pictures of himself half naked on Instagram?  My boo of 3 years has recently got pretty ripped, and is constantly placing his body on display.  I get that he is proud of his hard work and dedication, but some of the comments under his picture have me feeling some type of way.  Women and men are saying how much they want to have him in bed, or do things with him I rather not repeat.  He tells me I just need to ignore the comments and know that he only wants me.  However, I can’t help but to feel a little insecure.  I really want him to stop with the pictures.  I may have him, but don’t want to lose him.  What should I do here?


A Little Sick and A Little Tired